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Friday 19 April 2024
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Movie Review: Cinderella

We were invited to a complimentary, advanced screening of Disney’s Cinderella, about a week before it opened to the public. Opinions expressed in this review are solely our own.

Frozen Fever

Before Cinderella even begins, and due to popular demand, the cast of Frozen is back! In a short appropriately named Frozen Fever all of your favorites appear in a celebration scene for Anna’s surprise Birthday party given by Elsa. Unfortunately, Elsa is feeling a little under the weather and has come down with a cold! Determined to still pull off the best birthday ever for her sister, Elsa pushes through her ailments and much to her own surprise the Party is a hit. No spoilers here… but you are sure to laugh A LOT at Olaf, his snowmen ‘brothers’, Sven, Kristoff and Anna. Even Hans is put in his place – (wink, wink!)



This live action film of Cinderella stays true to Disney’s animation. I’d say about 80% of the storyline remains the same, the other 20% has some differences, but nothing too drastic that alters the storyline. The movie begins showing Cinderella (Lily James) with both of her biological parents (Ben Chapman & Hayley Atwell) living a carefree life. Sadly, Cinderella’s mother passes leaving her with the words “have courage and be kind.” As you know, Cinderella’s father remarries Lady Tremaine (Cate Blanchett) and gains two step-sisters (Sophie McShera and Holliday Grainger.) We learn of Cinderella’s father passing and thus begins the poor treatment of Cinderella by her step-mother and step-sisters.

Yes, Cinderella does end up with the Prince (Richard Madden), but not until we’ve witnessed her own trials, a couple of surprises and suspense along the way. Cinderella is full of beautiful filmography, excellent graphics, and as my sister claimed “it’s magical!”


The PG Rating and Parental Factor

I highly recommend this movie for any age. There aren’t any curse words, gruesome scenes or violence. The PG rating is for thematic drama – there are 3 deaths that take place during the movie but we are only “told” of them – not shown. Those occurrences will likely go over young children’s heads. Although the Step-Mother is harsh with her words, she does  not appear scary to children. There is quite a bit of humor within the film, light and happy moments, and musicality. A great movie to see as a family!

Stay through the credits?

Having been trained in production, I understand the importance and appreciation of staying through the credits. So, yes, I always sit through the credits even if I know there is no extra scene to come. Each and every name listed had a part in the success of the film – show your appreciation! Having said that… No, there is no extra scene after the credits, HOWEVER, there IS a funny quote spoken by the step-mother. So… stick around! You’ll be amused.

Disclaimer: We were invited to a complimentary advanced screening of Cinderella. Opinions expressed are our own.

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