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Thursday 18 April 2024
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Frozen 2, Star Wars VIII and Park News from Disney Shareholders Meeting

Disney Shareholders Meeting

Walt Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger offered some big news at this week’s Annual Shareholders meeting in San Francisco. The first two bits of news will be embraced by Disney fans. I’m fairly certain that the other news won’t be that welcome.

Star Wars. Iger announced that the highly anticipated Star Wars: Episode VIII will be released in theaters on May 26, 2017. The movie, which will be directed by Gareth Edwards, will be called Rogue One. Star Wars: Episode VII. The Force Awakens is due out in theaters December 18, 2015.

Frozen 2. His second big announcement will have little girls across the world cheering with glee. There will be a sequel to the major hit Frozen. No release date was announced for Frozen 2, but it’s sure to be a huge hit. I was actually surprised to hear about the sequel. Disney almost never has a sequel to a “princess movie” released in theaters. Those with sequels are almost always released directly to DVD. With Frozen bringing in over 1.3 billion dollars, I guess Disney couldn’t resist!

Name Change?! The last big news seemed to have been announced by mistake. A young girl asked Bob Iger if Hollywood Studios would get a new name with all of  the changes being made. He responded by saying yes and quickly realized he had spoken too soon,

“OK, how about this, we will confirm we will be changing the name of the park, but not tell you the new name, we will announce that later.”

This would be the third name for the park since it opened as Disney-MGM Studios. The name changed after Disney’s contract ended with MGM. Some (totally unsubstantiated, but still fun) rumored names include, Walt Disney Studios, Disney’s Hollywood Adventure, and Star Wars and Pixar Place. I’d guess they go with a name like “Walt Disney Studios”.

Personally, I think a new name will upset Disney fans. I think the name Hollywood Studios is perfect and hope they change their minds! What do you think about a potential name change?


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