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Saturday 8 June 2024
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Disney Celebration Buttons, A Fun Freebie!

Walt Disney World is wonderful at making guests feel like they are the extra special, especially when they are visiting for a special occasion. And, as far as Disney is concerned, any day at Walt Disney World can be a special occasion! One of the most popular “freebies” offered by Disney are complimentary celebration buttons. There are nine choices available:
  1. Happy Birthday
  2. My Magical Triumph
  3. Family Reunion
  4. Just Engaged
  5. 1st Visit
  6. Happily Ever After – great for any romantic occasion
  7. Just Married
  8. Happy Anniversary
  9. I’m Celebrating – a generic pin for any celebration

Buttons are available at Disney resorts and in the parks at Vacation Planning Booths, guests services and other locations. Cast members will have sharpies and can personalize any of the buttons for your special occasion.

We got our kids 1st Visit buttons on their first trips. On our last trip, we were given one of each by a very energetic cast member. (I’m not sure why we needed them all, but he was excited to share and we never say no to a freebie at Disney!)

Along with being fun and a great souvenir, the pins mean extra attention from cast members. Any who see you will wish you a happy anniversary, happy birthday or offer congratulations on you special occasion. You may even get a bonus birthday cupcake or special treat. They are great fun!

What are you celebrating on your next trip?


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