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Tuesday 25 June 2024
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Movie Review: Moms’ Night Out (+ Sweepstakes!)

Happy Mothers Day!!

To all of the Mothers out there, we wish you a very Happy Mothers Day! You work 24/7, on holidays, without pay and never a bonus check, and though the job can be very rewarding at times, it is often draining. You deserve a little break! And what better way to catch a break than to watch Moms’ Night Out!

Movie Review – It’s not a Chick Flick!
I had the pleasure of seeing an advanced screening of Moms’ Night Out back in March.  Given the title, I figured it would be a chick flick, so I took my sister along to view it instead of my husband. We certainly had a good time, and the theater was filled with laughter – but not just laughter from the women – there were men in the audience laughing harder than the women! So, ladies… whether you plan a Moms’ Night Out or just a Parents night out away from the kids – this movie is for everyone!

As you might suspect from the previews, 3 moms plan a night out and leave their husbands in charge of the kids. Mayhem, mishaps and chaos occur – leaving you laughing, but also secretly feeling glad that you’re not the only one with problems. More importantly is the message – Moms are needed, the job of a Mother is IMPORTANT, you are His masterpiece – amongst all the chaos, the problems, the miscommunications – this season of life is a beautiful mess.

So Moms – treat yourself (or be treated) to a showing of Moms’ Night Out. Starring Patricia Heaton (The Middle, Everybody Loves Raymond), Sarah Drew (Grey’s Anatomy), Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Goonies, Rudy), and Trace Adkins (country music artist & actor) – you’re sure to laugh almost constantly (seriously, your belly may be sore the next day from laughing so hard and so much!)

The good folks at Purex® also recognize and value all the hard word that Moms do. Which is why they’d like to treat one lucky mother and 5 of her friends to a showing of Moms Night Out! Not only will they view the movie, but also be given VIP treatment with limo service, free dinner and $100 for movie snacks! For a chance at winning, enter the Sweepstakes HERE by May 11th (2014.)

Moms’ Night Out opens in some theaters of May 8th, and most theater on Friday, May 9th (2014). Click here for theater showings near you! For more information, visit the official Moms’ Night Out movie website.

Special thanks to Catalyst Productions, Entertainment New Media Network and the Purex® Insiders Group for making this post possible.

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