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Tuesday 11 June 2024
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Movie Review: Big Hero 6

Before Big Hero 6 begins, Disney’s newest animated short, Feast, is shown. It’s a cute story about a dog and his need for feeling satisfied (through food.) You see a romance evolve through the eyes of the dog, and life play out. One would think the dog is only concerned about his stomach, but we learn that this beloved pup also has concerns for the well-being of his human companion. Any viewer would see that food isn’t the only thing we should feast on… but feast on life as well!

Big Hero 6
Big Hero 6 is an enjoyable action-adventure comedy about child robotics prodigy Hiro, who seeks vengeance after losing his older brother. Hiro develops a companionship with Baymax, a robot his older brother built. Hiro learns a few life-lessons, and there’s a neat message each of us can take away from the movie.

Age Appropriateness
Big Hero 6 is rated PG. My opinion is that children aged 7 years old and up will appreciate and enjoy it. There are a few intense moments which could upset or frighten younger children. My kids are 4 and 6, and while they weren’t frightened, they said they didn’t like the ‘scary’ parts.

The character sure to please everyone is Baymax! He draws several parallels to Olaf – white, huggable, silly, can do no wrong, no skull… or bones. Baymax brings humor to the story with several laugh-out-loud moments… you’ll love his “fist bump.” Baymax also cleverly figures out how to stay with Hiro always… you’ll figure out what I mean, after you see the movie – but it might just bring a tear to your eye.

Hint – Stay through the Credits!
Be sure to stay through the credits. Yes, there is an extra (hilarious) scene at the end… but even more heart-warming are the ‘scenes’ you’ll see depicted throughout the credits! You see what happens in the coming months after the storyline of the movie has concluded.

Recommended? Yes!
No, it’s not going to be as insanely as popular as Frozen, but Big Hero 6 will stand on its own and it certainly is a must-see. It’s very humorous and geared more towards older children. And the message to not fight evil with evil, but fight evil with good is certainly apparent in this film. Kids and adults will enjoy it!

Special thanks to the Walt Disney Studios and the Owens Group for the complimentary advanced screening of this excellent film!

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