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Friday 14 June 2024
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Off the Map and Behind the Magic: Part Four – Animal Kingdom Tours ~ Backstage Safari

By now you are probably wondering if the tours at Walt Disney World ever take you behind the scenes and show you places that you could not access on your own. Well, just as the name implies, the Backstage Safari tour does just that. In all honesty, this is one of my family’s favorite backstage tours.

On this tour you will find the secrets to what it takes to arrange a park that has predators (like lions) in close proximity to prey (like zebras) not to mention the always present animal… tourists!

There is some overlap with the Wild by Design tour information, but on the Backstage Safari tour, cast members can dig in a little deeper and reveal how they make the magic and keep over 1,500 animals safe, healthy, cared for and fed! You will see how animals are housed when they are not onstage. You will visit the Nutrition Center and learn about the food that is prepared and given to the animals daily. You will see the hospital where animals are cared for and studied. You may even get to see an animal being treated. (On my trip there was a duck undergoing surgery to remove a foreign body.) Think about all of the birds on property! You may even be able to get a close up with an endangered species!

For me, one of the highlights was taking the Harambe Wildlife Reserve tour ride in a car with just the tour group. Although the tour at this point is actually on stage, because the car is only tour members, your guide can, and will point out some of the steps taken to present the “show” of being on safari! I will never look at the Baobab tree the same way again!

Because this tour does go backstage and behind the magic curtain, you must be 16 years of age or older to participate. The cost is $72.00 per person and includes refreshments and a commemorative keepsake. While photographs can be taken “onstage” no cameras are allowed in the backstage areas.

Have you taken this tour? What did you think? What was a highlight for you?(Please keep the magic curtain up for the sake of any younger readers!)

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