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Sunday 9 June 2024
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Monsters University…Scaring at a Theater Near You

We are big Monsters Inc. fans in this house. My 20-month old wants to watch it daily and knows to say “Boo” when Mommy asks who is Mike Wazowski’s friend? What better movie to take her to for her very first movie than Monsters University? I knew we were taking a chance but since she loves the characters so much, we gave it a shot. Not only was the movie great but the kid sat through the whole movie!

Monsters University tells the story before the story of Monsters Inc. The movie starts with little Mike Wazowski on a school trip to Monsters Inc., where he dreams of being a future “Scarer.” He pursues that dream at Monsters University (not to be confused with Fear Tech, the rival school). Here he meets his roommate (and future Scarer) Randall as well as rival-turned-best-friend James P. Sullivan/Sulley.

All three monsters are enrolled in the Scarer Program, gearing them up for a future as a Scarer. Mike and Sulley are quickly kicked out of the program and join up, despite their dislike for each other, to compete in the Scare Games (think Greek Olympics) – a competition between fraternities and sororities on campus. In order to compete, they join Oozma Kappa, the fraternity least likely to win and least likely to have any members. Mike challenges Dean Hardscrabble that if he wins, he gets back into the Scare Program. The Dean, voiced by Helen Mirren, accepts his challenge, knowing his chances are slim. She promises if he wins, his whole team can get into the program.

The rest of the movie focuses on Mike, Sulley and the brothers of Oozma Kappa competing against the other Greek organizations to win the coveted title and their ticket back into the Scare Program. We get to see Mike and Sulley’s relationship, as we know it, develop.

The movie offers up a lot of laughs and a lot of cameos from monsters from Monsters Inc., in addition to a whole new set of amusing characters. There were quite a few scenes that had me laughing out loud in the theater. And I love Disney/Pixar cameos – let’s just say one of my favorites from the original makes an appearance “in disguise” later on in the film with their signature tag line. It was also great to meet some of the new monsters and find out who voiced the characters. Anyone who’s ever seen a college-themed movie or gone to college or been active in Greek life will get a kick out of some of the references. Overall, a charming, funny movie, especially if you are a fan of the original. Monsters University is great for adults and kids – a perfect family movie.

**As an added bonus check out Monsters University’s website, it’s designed to look like a real university website!