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Thursday 27 June 2024
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Movie Review: Connect (with Kirk Cameron)

Parents, almost everyone has access to the full online world in the palm of their hands – including kids. If you want a source of helpful information that’s super easy to access – go see the Connect movie this Tuesday and Thursday! (Feb 27 & March 1st, 2018)

Update (March 8th): Back by popular demand, this film will be shown in theaters again on Tuesday, March 20 and on Saturday, March 24th. Don’t miss it!

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I had the pleasure of viewing this movie before it was released and what an eye-opener it was! My kids aren’t even teenagers, but they are allowed to spend time on the iPad. Connect doesn’t claim that all technology is bad, in fact, the movie states that technology can be great when used for good purposes! Yes, time restraints are needed for children (and adults too), but the main message of the movie is to “connect” with your children – have an open dialogue with them, and know exactly what they’re accessing on the internet.

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My favorite part of the movie was Kirk’s interview with Dr. Kathy Koch – a counselor who has seen the effects of technology on all ages. She lists “Five Lies that Kids Believe” and talks about in today’s world how kids believe they are center of attention; they feel entitled to be happy and entertained constantly; they feel they deserve things; they demand choices – it’s getting to the point where kids are disrespecting authority.

And before we jump down our kids throats and give them all sorts of boundaries, we need to realize that it’s not completely their own fault they feel entitled – technology is rewiring their brains; but it’s not an excuse to be disobedient or impatient either.

Thankfully, Dr. Kathy Koch then lists “Five Truths” to help correct these current issues with kids today. We learn that kids obviously aren’t the center of the universe; we can have joy in all circumstances (yes, even if kids don’t have the latest and greatest gadget/toy/tech right this instant; Choice is a privilege – not a guarantee; Kids need to seek Wisdom… from God, from Parents, from authority – and be thankful for all who teach them.


Going to see Connect is a great first step in managing your whole family’s internet usage and screen time. At the end of the movie, a code is given for $15 off (+ free shipping) the Circle with Disney device. There are other similar devices out there that can help you set internet time limits & accessibility for all devices within your home. Can’t afford a device? Catalyst Resource Group is giving one away (it also comes with a free $50 Disney Gift Card! Edited: This giveaway has ended!) Focus on the Family has a free, downloadable PDF entitled A Parents Guide to Today’s Technology which is full of helpful tips for safely managing your families internet usage.

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Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity to view the Connect movie prior to its release in the theaters. All opinions expressed are my own – no other compensation was received.

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