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Sunday 9 June 2024
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Six Tips for Bringing an Infant to Disney

Dare you bring an infant to Disney?! It’s certainly do-able, but keep in mind, it’s going to be different and a bit slower-paced. Here are 6 excellent tips from Crissy on bringing an infant to Walt Disney World!

1. Stay cool: It’s very hot in Florida especially during the Summer months. We brought a portable fan for the stroller. You can also step into the gift shops to cool off quickly. Fastpasses were a must for us as it kept our wait times down and allowed baby to stay out of the heat.

2. Stay hydrated: This is important for both mom and baby. Make sure baby is getting enough fluids throughout the day. Also remember that any quick service food locations will give you a cup of ice water free of charge.

3. Baby Care Centers: There is a baby care center located in each of the 4 Disney World parks. They offer changing stations, nursing rooms and a feeding area with high hairs and a microwave. This is also a great place for downtime or to cool off. Extra hint: There are even bathrooms within the Baby Care Centers that are helpful for toddlers that are potty-training! They aren’t busy, therefore you won’t feel rushed.

4. Take it slow: You will be going at a slower pace than your pre-baby Disney days. Remember that you will need time for naps, diaper changes and feedings. Make a short list of priorities and don’t be upset if you can’t finish the whole (or even half of) the park in one day.

5. Take breaks: Staying on property is great for convenience. It will make it so much easier to go back to your resort and have some downtime – especially in the heat of the day. We took this time for naps, visiting the pool and lunch or dinner. If you’re not staying on property or prefer to stay in the parks, try to find quieter areas for baby to nap or have some downtime.

6. Strollers: You will be leaving your stroller outside of many attractions. This means you shouldn’t leave valuables in the stroller. I would recommend only bringing the essentials or have a bag that you don’t mind carrying around with you to put necessities in. I would highly recommend putting some kind of identification or decoration on the stroller as sometimes Cast Members will have to move strollers to a different location close by and it will make it easier to find when you return.

Disney with a baby can be fun and exciting, but be sure to plan ahead and be understanding that touring the parks will be different compared to your pre-baby Disney days. What other tips do you have? Feel free to leave a comment!