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Wednesday 10 April 2024
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WDW Hints Tours Pixar

pixar offices

It’s great to be a Disney and Pixar fanatic when your brother works for Pixar! After years of working at DreamWorks, my brother now works for Pixar doing special effects for their animated movies. While visiting last year, he took me on a tour of Pixar’s offices in Emeryville, California, just outside of San Francisco. While a good portion of the building has “no photos” signs, there is still plenty to enjoy with a camera! (And those no photo areas have amazing artwork, artists rendering and sculptures) Here are some photos from my tour!

You are first greeted at the Steve Jobs building by larger than life statues of the famous Pixar ball and lamp.

pixar offices outside

Inside the lobby are larger than life statues of some of our favorite Pixar characters, including those above and this great Lego Buzz and Woody. Of course, all guests must sign in and register. You get a great nametag that shows the Toy Story aliens and says, “A stranger from the outide!” The main lobby includes a restaurant, gift shop and plenty of wide open space for meetings.

Pixar offices

Outside employees can play sports on a large soccer field, swim, play basketball or work out in the full gym in a separate building. (Theme park attraction production takes place in that building!)

Pixar pool

Pizar baskeball court

Additional offices and a cafe are located in a third building. Of course, all of the spaces are covered with amazing Pixar art. I’d like a few of these for my home!

pixar offices art
I had a wonderful day touring Pixar.  We had a great lunch, tour and plenty of time to shop!


P.S. Pixar characters can be found hidden in the floor!


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