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Tuesday 23 April 2024
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Book Review ~ Discover the Magic: The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Walt Disney World

I recently read Roger Wilk’s second edition of this Disney Guidebook, Discover the Magic: The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Walt Disney World. Roger certainly knows Disney and offers a great overview of Disney vacation planning.

The book is broken down into 5 sections:

  1. Introduction – a nice introduction to the author and the book.
  2. Disney Vacation Planning – in this section, Roger reviews when the visit Walt Disney World, weather and if you should stay on or off property. 
  3. Disney Ticket Information – he offers an explanation of the Disney ticket prices and options along with an explanation of the FastPass system.
  4. Orlando Resorts, Hotels and Other Accommodations – An overview of the different resort price categories as well as resort specific reviews.
  5. Walt Disney World Theme Parks – a nice review of the 4 parks.

Roger does a great job explaining when and why the parks are busy at certain times of the year. He also offers great suggestions for ways to avoid the crowds. I also liked his detailed explanation of the ticket prices and the FastPass system. As he explains, “I’m writing this book under the assumption that you’re beginning your Disney vacation planning from ground zero without having done any other research.” I think this is fantastic and makes this book idea for anyone planning their first or second Disney vacation.

What I didn’t love about the book was that Roger only offers descriptions of a few resorts in each price category. He also only offers descriptions of a few attractions from each of the theme parks. And his book barely covers any information about dining at Walt Disney. That being said, I do think this is a that Discover the Magic is a great resource for anyone planning their first or one of their first trips to Walt Disney World. If you consider yourself a “Disney expert,” then this book will cerytainly be an interesting read but may not offer too much new information. Hopefully the 3rd edition of the book will offer even more details.

Happy reading!

Disclaimer: Amy downloaded a free eCopy of “Discover the Magic.” All opinions expressed are her own, no other compensation was received. This book can be purchased as a hard copy or an eBook. Affiliate links have been provided, but do not raise the price for the buyer.

Amy is a Disney loving mom of two Disney loving boys. She loves planning for Disney trips, reading about Walt Disney World and most of all, going to World Disney World!