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Wednesday 10 April 2024
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Vacationing with Your Parents/In-Laws is a Good Thing

I recently met up with my dear friend Kate for coffee, who just returned from her gazillionth trip to Disney World. I could not wait to hear all the details about how she liked her magic bands, the new FastPass+ process, and the crazy things she did on her trip. To know Kate, is to know something hysterical or completely unbelievable happened! When in the middle of our conversation she mentioned her in-laws! Not sure I heard her correctly, she mentions them again! I politely interrupted her and asked, “Why on earth would you go on vacation with your in-laws?”
“Are you kidding me? Why wouldn’t I? We always travel to Disney World with an ‘Extra Grown-up!’”

But for the life of me, I couldn’t fathom why anyone would! She proceeded to tell me all the positive and rather awesome reasons to travel with an “Extra Grown-up” (EGU) like your in-laws, parents, older siblings or even a babysitter!

1. You and your spouse can enjoy dinner on your own. How often does that really happen? You don’t have to cut up someone else’s food. You don’t have to share (if you don’t want to). You can have that extra glass of wine. And you can go somewhere that doesn’t serve chicken nuggets and French fries!

2. Go on “Big Kid” rides together. Let’s face it, adults like the rides too! If you have little ones, you may not be able to enjoy rides like Space Mt., Big Thunder Mt., or any other ride that has height restrictions. Or, if you do, one parent is always left behind! The “EGU” can hang with the kids while mom and dad get to ride something together!

3. You can sit for 5 minutes without anyone asking what’s next and generally have a few moments of adult time together. You can sit and people watch or enjoy an ice cream.

4. Have the “EGU” sit with the kids while you stand in the food line. Standing in line can be such a drag for kids! Especially when it’s at the height of the lunch or dinner rush. Lines can be a 20, 30 even 60+ min wait without reservations! They can grab an open table and sit together while you get the food!

5. Make FastPasses+ Changes. Having an extra set of hands to pull out a smart phone to make changes to your FastPass+ options is a plus. Or even running ahead to the kiosk to make changes as well!

6. Have someone stay with the little ones during a parade so that you can do a bit of shopping. I don’t know about anyone else, but shopping with kids can be tough. They want everything, they touch everything and they can get lost. Go do some shopping without them and look at the things in the adult section too, not just the kid section!

7. Your child will always have a hand to hold. This is great with multiple children! You don’t need anyone getting lost!

8. He/she will always had someone to ride with. I can only stand the Tea Cups so many times! Let the EGU take a turn!

9. You have someone you can split the cost with for a larger, more expensive, Deluxe Resort or a Cabin. What a great way to stay in that nice resort you’ve always wanted! Or a villa or suite! Having someone to help split the cost with now makes it possible!

10. The added benefit of special time with her Grandparents or family in the most magical place on earth!

Then I realized I was already doing this! The last several trips we’ve taken my oldest daughter that is 22, to help me with my youngest that is 11. Sometimes big sister is more fun than mom! Now, I don’t want this to sound like Kate nor I don’t like to vacation with her child, because we do. It’s just nice to have an extra set of hands to help along the way!

A special thank you to Kate Thomas Delise for sharing her time and amazing stories with me for this article! You rock!

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