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To PhotoPass and Memory Maker or Not?

To PhotoPass and Memory Maker or Not?

Ladies and gentlemen, the answer is yes!

One of the most amazing features of a Disney Parks vacation is the fact that almost no matter where you are, there is a Disney photographer waiting to snap some pictures of your new favorite memories. They’re ready and willing to preserve the crazy faces your family makes their first trip around on the Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster or that priceless moment that your child meets the real-life version of the Princess that has been encompassing her life ever since she saw her movie for the first time. They are there, ready to click with their camera AND with yours.

Memory Maker is a wonderful new way for you to have access to any and all Disney photos captured by a Disney PhotoPass photographer at hundreds of locations across the Walt Disney World Resort! Your photos can be linked to your online Disney account through either your MagicBand or key card. You don’t have to worry about purchasing all your photos before you leave the parks. You can just sit back and let Disney take care of preserving the memories that you’re making!

This particular set of pictures, is what I like to call my family’s “$4,200 pictures.” From the moment my daughter saw “Tangled,” she was obsessed. She would run through our yard singing “I’ll keep wondering, and wondering, and wondering, and wondering” with her hands running through her hair. She would brush her hair and couldn’t wait for it to get as long as Rapunzel’s.

Thankfully, the PhotoPass photographer was ever so patient in taking so many pictures because I let her know that this was one of the main reasons for the trip. The look on my daughter’s face was worth every penny of the $4,200 cost of our trip. I am so thankful that the photographer was there as well because Mom was a little emotional. I saved the pictures on my camera and phone to chuckle at for years to come because they’re blurry, they’re sideways and one of them just depicts movement. Had there not have been a PhotoPass photographer there, I wouldn’t have these memories. I wouldn’t have the priceless moments captured of my daughter’s speechless face. I wouldn’t have the endless hugs to hold onto for years to come. If only I could go back and thank them now. I was so happy with them then, but a couple years later being able to look at them and relive these memories, is an amazing feeling.

Now, let’s get down to the business aspects of the PhotoPass and Memory Maker packages. If you’re planning your trip, you can add the Memory Maker Advance Package to your reservations and pay for it when you pay for your trip! You also save $50 by purchasing the advance package!

Don’t forget though, that earlier in the article I did say that PhotoPass photographers are willing to take pictures with their cameras AND yours. Yes, you read that right! Once they have taken pictures with their camera, they will take the exact same pose with yours! And let’s be honest, some Disney fanatics have to save for quite some time to make a trip happen. This is a way to save some money, have the PhotoPass photographer take their photo and then request that they take a couple with your camera! They’ll even take them for you on your camera phone as well!

Don’t leave the memories at the park ladies and gentlemen! Invest in the Memory Maker and PhotoPass packages and keep your memories close for years to come!

Per the Disney website, the legal jargon is as follows:
“Memory Maker includes photos taken during the Memory Maker window and linked to the Memory Maker Guest’s Disney account. Photos will expire pursuant to the expiration policy. If Memory Maker is purchased at the advance purchase price, any photos taken within 3 days from the date Memory Maker is purchased will not be included and must be purchased separately. Not responsible for missing, lost or damaged photos. Subject to Memory Maker terms and conditions.”

Kristie is a wife and mom of 3 that LOVES Disney! Minnie is her favorite, but there really isn’t a character she doesn’t like! Kristie’s always looking forward to planning her next Disney vacation! She looks for bargains, deals and packages to help her budget while making the most of her vacation!

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