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Thursday 11 April 2024
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Product Review: Rustico Leather Travel Accessories

What do Rustico Leather and Disney have in common? Most people would likely answer “Nothing” at first thought. But as I carefully inspected the products I received to review… “Excellent Quality” and “Attention to Detail” came to mind.

Rustico makes fine leather products such as journals, bags, photo albums, log books, wallets, even iPad and iPhone covers. All of Rustico’s products are made-to-order custom pieces and every piece they make is made in the USA ~ Utah to be exact.

I was sent some Travel Accessories by Rustico – a travel journal, a luggage tag and a Passport Cover.

 How can these products be incorporated into a Disney blog? I thought. EASY! They’re travel accessories after all. The travel journal is filled with 160 blank, cream-colored pages – perfect for creating a Disney Memory book. You could easily write down daily vacation memories, inspiring Disney quotes, and even collect Character autographs if you wanted!

The luggage tag is useful for anyone who travels, and I think it’s safe to say the majority of people who visit Walt Disney World bring luggage – which is why Disney sends each guest their own plastic luggage tag. PLASTIC! My Disney luggage tag broke after being on a plane 4 times – I had to throw it out. Rustico’s luggage tag is make of leather and appears very durable. I even gave the strap a few hard tugs and everything stayed intact – no ripping or tearing of the tag holder or strap. Unlike plastic luggage tags, Rustico’s luggage tag is flexible because it’s made of leather – I’m pretty confident it won’t snap in half like my freebie Disney tag did.

The Passport Cover is great. I put my passport inside and it fit very snug – no chance of it falling out! While it’s not necessary within the US, I do fly with my Passport – so the cover will certainly come in handy. I can’t wait for my next flight when I’ll get to use my fancy, new Passport Cover!

I’ll be honest, I looked at the Rustico Leather website before my products arrived and my initial thought was their products are expensive! I calculated the cost of the 3 items they sent and realized they gave me a very generous gift worth $102.50! (Thank you, Rustico!) But then I began to think about the products as I looked them over and the saying “You get what you pay for came to mind and in a good way! Rustico’s products are high-quality, durable, handmade here in the US, and made of leather – these products are going to LAST for a LONG time! Knowing you’re going to have a fine leather product for years to come justifies the cost alone! Any of the items they sell would make a great gift – whether for your boss, a teacher, a family member or client that is just about to travel – (Travel agents take note!)

Finally, and best of all, these pieces SMELL wonderful! Who else loves the smell of leather? 

So, whether you’re looking for a great gift idea, or looking for travel accessories such as these that are going to last for years to come, be sure to check out Rustico Leather!

Editor’s Note: I am a participating Influencer at The Entertainment New Media Network. I received free Rustico Leather products for review to facilitate this post. I was not compensated for this review and all expressed opinions are strictly my own.

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