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Monday 17 June 2024
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Movie Review: Frozen (Including mini-review of Get a Horse!)

Frozen = fabulous!! I feel as though it’s been quite some time since Disney released such a fantastic animated movie – great graphics, hilarious dialogue, and an attention-keeping storyline.

But first… you need to hear about Get A Horse!, an animated short that precedes Frozen. This animated short, starring Mickey Mouse, begins as a black and white cartoon, but soon wows the audience as it takes center stage (literally) with the clever 3D effects, witty antics of the characters, and even bursts forth with color! Pairing this short as the pre-entertainment to Frozen was pure genius – as it’s certainly a crowd pleaser! Here’s the first minute of Get A Horse, but you’ll have to see it in theaters to truly see it come to life!

Back to Frozen… where do I begin?! It has the right balance of everything you want – adventure, romance, humor, villains, thrills, happiness, Olaf… wait what? Yes, Olaf the snowman. I guarantee you’ll fall in love with him. Not only is he hilarious, witty, and sometimes a little slow on the uptake… but he ultimately figures out what’s really needed to bring back Summer to Arendal. Here’s a preview featuring Olaf, but don’t worry – there are plenty more hilarious scenes and ‘sayings’ from Olaf in the movie that aren’t shown here:

The main story features Elsa and Anna – two sisters, princesses actually. Elsa was born with her ‘Frozen’ powers, Anna doesn’t find out about them until later. Hoping to help the princesses, Prince Hans and Kristoff enter the picture. Two princesses, two fellas, you’d think things would turn out okay… wrong! There is quite the shocking turn of events – in fact, most everyone in the theater gasped! But I won’t give it away here. What I will admit to though, is that the movie ended better than I expected! Frozen also has some great musical numbers, including a great song called  Let It Go which you can listen to in it’s entirety here.

So… you’ll have to see it for yourself –  but you won’t be disappointed! What will happen to Olaf when Summer returns? And what becomes of Marshmallow? Actually, you’ll have to stay through the ending credits to find out about Marshmallow. Some may say “I just sat through the credits for that?” but most will probably laugh.


Okay… two more videos of Olaf… because I can’t resist!

And… the hilarious In Summer song performed by Olaf. (If you haven’t seen Frozen yet, I’d wait to watch the video below… it’s better to watch it in full context. There. You’ve been warned.)  ;o)

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