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Thursday 27 June 2024
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‘Where Hope Starts’ Book Giveaway ~ 3 Winners!

This week, we’re straying from the Disney theme and giving away three copies of Where Hope Starts, which was just released today (Sept 14)!! I had the privilege of reading and reviewing this wonderful book a couple of weeks ago. It is truly a beautiful story, and personally, I couldn’t put it down!

I’ve had a fun time getting to know the author, Angela Meyer, and my interview with her is below.

Terri: Have you always been a writer? If not, what was your previous occupation?

Angela: I’ve been a caterer, a nurse assistant, a waitress, a nanny and although I graduated with a degree in Teaching English as a Second Language, I never pursued using it.

Through it all, I’ve been a writer. I started as a teenager filling my journals with poetry, then moved on to inspirational pieces, devotionals and childrens’ stories. In addition to my novel, I have a devotional in The Benefit Package, a devotional compilation published by CrossRiver Media, my book publisher.

Terri: Did you have the entirety of this story already thought-up, or did some of it evolve as you were writing it?

Angela: I tend to get an entire story dropped in my head. But I work out the details as I write. Sometimes the characters surprise me and kind of hijack the story. Going into directions I hadn’t anticipated.

Terri: Why run a book promo on a Disney blog?

Angela: Initially, I have to give credit to a dear friend who absolutely loves all things Disney. She pointed me in your direction. I might not have thought of it on my own, but I do want to reach a broad audience, so here I am.

Life can get messy, no matter where you are, and we all need hope. I believe the only hope that comes through in the end is that which Jesus offers. That is what my book is about. I pray many people find encouragement between the pages of Where Hope Starts.

Terri: Do you plan on writing a sequel to this story? Are there other books in the works?

Angela: Definitely. The second one is already written and after a few edits will be on the way to my publisher in the next couple of months. The third one is still percolating in my head and heart. I’ll be setting aside dedicated writing time for that one come the first of next year. And somewhere in the files of my mind, I have another series taking form already. 

Terri: I must know… will the sequels still feature Karen and Barry as the main characters? Or will the focus shift to Karen’s siblings? 

Angela: Karen and Barry will continue to be in books 2 and 3. Karen is pivotal, in that she is right in the middle of the story, and we will have her point of view in the mix. But it is going to be more about the faith journey of the siblings. Book 2 will have Joanna and Blake. Book 3 will tell the story of Elinor and Albert. However, they are all in each other’s stories as well, threading parts of it together throughout. 

Terri: What advice, if any, do you have for others aspiring to publish a book of their own?

Angela: Write. A lot. ~ Be a part of a critique group and learn the craft of writing well. ~ Submit often and on a regular basis. ~ Go to writer’s conferences to make those all so important connections. That’s one way to move past the slush pile. ~ Hang out with other writers who are determined to pursue their dreams and encourage each other. 

Terri: What is your favorite Disney Movie?

Angela: I grew up with the Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights! What a great time! Those weren’t feature films, but still really good entertainment. As far as the major Disney films, I would have to say that as a young girl, Cinderella was my favorite. As I got older, I preferred Beauty and the Beast and more recently, I really enjoyed Tangled. It was fun to see the heroine a bit more feisty.  

We certainly want to Thank Angela for providing 3 of her books to giveaway to 3 winners!! Where Hope Starts will be available in bookstores as well as online. If you can’t find it locally, let your favorite bookstore know that you would like them to carry Where Hope Starts. It is available right now at CrossRiver Media and Amazon in hard copy (coming soon for Kindle.) If anyone is interested in hosting a book club, Angela has a special offer on her website. You can find those details on the book club page.

Enter to WIN one of three copies of Where Hope Starts by Angela D. Meyer using the Rafflecopter form below. This contest is open to EVERYONE – yep, worldwide! However, if you do not live in the Continental US – you will be awarded with a digital version of the book (which is the type of copy I requested and read it on my Kindle). This contest begins Sunday, September 15, (2013) at 12:01 a.m. and ends Saturday, Sept 21 at 11:59 p.m. Good luck!! (And be sure to check out our review!)

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