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Tuesday 25 June 2024
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Book Review: Where Hope Starts by Angela D. Meyer

I had the privilege of reading Angela D. Meyer’s book Where Hope Starts, and it was wonderful!! I’m not an avid reader, nor do I finish books in a timely manner, but I finished this book after three consecutive evenings of reading. I couldn’t put it down (but made myself do so in the wee hours of the morning.) Angela writes the story in such a way that you just have to know what’s going to happen next.

Here’s the synopsis: “In a city full of dreams… Karen Marino’s life is a nightmare. The New York City restaurant manager is a professional success, but her marriage is in shambles. When her husband, Barry shows up drunk at her restaurant, she loses both. She flees The Big Apple and returns to her Midwestern home to sort through her options. But instead of answers, she finds an old boyfriend ready to rekindle romance, a family full of secrets and an angry brother bent on revenge.

Still in New York, Barry fights his own demons. He knows he messed up, but is powerless to stop his rage and addictions. A fistfight on the streets of the city lands him in jail and forces him to face the possibility of a future behind bars.

Karen knows holding onto her bitterness won’t repair her marriage. But how do you forgive someone when you don’t feel like it? As she searches for the answer, she uncovers the family secret that threatens to tear them all apart. Can she find her way back to the place Where Hope Starts?  [Published by CrossRiver Media]

Do I recommend this book? Most definitely!! Although the story-line is fictional, there are Biblical truths woven in throughout. Marriage is sacred, and so many people do not put the effort into saving their marriage when troubles arise. This book offers hope… and clearly shows where hope starts.  =)  

My only complaint was that a few side stories were left open-ended. I want those answers now! =)  But it looks like we won’t have to wait long, Angela has told me that the sequel has already been written and is awaiting publishing, and the 3rd and final story is in the works!

So if you’re looking for an inspirational story that you won’t be able to put down – get your hands on a copy of Where Hope Starts. 

Where Hope Starts by Angela D. Meyer can be purchased at CrossRiver Media and Amazon in paperback (Kindle Version coming soon!)

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