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Friday 12 April 2024
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This Disney Vacation Planner gave us a Better Deal Compared to what Disney Offered Us!

Some of you read our series on Authorized Disney Vacation Planners.  We interviewed 5 vacation planners whose services are free and got to know each one of them a little bit better.

Up until learning about ADVPs, I had always booked my own Disney vacations through the Disney World website.  Now that I know better, I figured I’d hand over my reservation-making skills and let a travel agent do the work for me.

I chose Darren Wittko with Magical Vacations Travel to assist me in booking our cruise.  (We sailed on the Disney Dream in September, which you can read about here.)  Darren responded quickly to all of my email – nothing fell through the cracks.  I told him what Cruise I’d like to take, the dates, our flight info, my food-allergy, and that we’d like ground transportation to and from the airport.

Darren took care of it all!  What a time saver!  I didn’t have to click-through the reservations website and enter in all my info.  I didn’t have to arrange the ground transportation.  I didn’t have to make the phone call to Disney Cruise Line to make them aware of my food allergy.  Darren did it all!  And to top it off, he told us we qualified for a $50 on board credit from his Travel Agency!  What?!  Darren was doing all of the grunge work, yet we were being rewarded!

Now, before I officially booked through Darren, I did go to the Disney Cruise Line website and entered in our cruise dates.  I saw the price that I would have to pay… and I made sure Darren came back with that exact same price – not a penny more!  He did just that!  Exact same pricing, but even better – we received that $50 on-board credit.  We wouldn’t have gotten that $50 had we booked the cruise ourselves through the DCL website.

So, give an ADVP a try!  Their services are free, no nitty-gritty work for you, and you just might receive an extra perk or two!

If you would like to book a vacation with Darren, you may contact him via his facebook page, or his website: The Best of Walt Disney World. To read our recent interview with Darren, click here!

Terri is owner, creator and an author for WDW Hints. She enjoys taking less-traveled paths of WDW and sharing her lesser-known discoveries with you!