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Tuesday 25 June 2024
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Introducing… ‘About the Mouse’!!!

Have you discovered the newest Disney-themed boutique?  They call themselves About the Mouse.  They design and make travel binders, countdown frames and clipboards, flip-flops, necklaces and other Disney-themed accessories!  We’d like to introduce you to the creators of About the Mouse – Brooke and Shanna.  Our interview with them below also showcases several of their products!  As an added bonus, to help them celebrate their grand opening on September 4th, we’ll be giving away one of their super cute products in a GIVEAWAY next week! Enjoy!

WDW Hints: What made you decide to start ‘creating’ Disney binders and accessories?

Shanna: I am obsessive about planning my Disney vacations.  I want to have the absolute best trip and there is just so much to organize and do.  I started with a single spreadsheet and it just grew from there into an entire binder full of spreadsheets for reservations, park days money management and more.  In my former life (before coming home as mom) I was a Desktop Publisher.  So, I love putting together graphics for print.  It was a win win for me!  

Brooke: I too am obsessed with anything Disney and organization! I love to have everything all in one binder where I can access the information (park hours, reservation numbers, ADR times, etc) when I need to. Our next trip is June 2013 with my entire family…..14 people!!! Since I am the Disney fanatic, I was chosen to book everything!  My kid’s love to countdown when the next trip is coming and love anything Disney!  

WDW Hints: How did the two of you meet?  When did you decide to ‘join forces’?

Brooke started a local moms board BCSmoms in her town.  When Shanna moved there, it was the first place she found to connect and get support.  Brooke and Shanna met at a board event, and  would say they became fast friends.  They even had a trip to Disney together and it was so much fun!  When Brooke decided the idea should go public, it seemed like a no brainer. 

WDW Hints: What has been your most popular/purchased item?

Brooke: Right now it would be our Disney Travel Binders! Once people see what is in the binder and what they have to offer, they want one right away! 
WDW Hints: Do you take custom orders?

Brooke: Yes!  Custom orders are so much fun! We offer both ready to sell and custom. 

WDW Hints: I see prices listed next to your products, but what does shipping cost?

Brooke: We use USPS priority flat rate shipping with delivery confirmation, unless the customer requests another method.

WDW Hints: What items do you hope to create and sell in the future?

Shanna: The sky is the limit really!  I want to offer park bags and other sewn items as well.

Brooke: Like Shanna said, the sky is the limit! Would love to eventually offer Disney Travel Activity Bags and Countdown Party bags!  

WDW Hints: Thank you Brooke and Shanna for sharing with us!!  

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking at just a few of the cute products About the Mouse has created!  What’s your favorite?  You can view more great products on their facebook page at About the Mouse.

Terri is owner, creator and an author for WDW Hints. She enjoys taking less-traveled paths of WDW and sharing her lesser-known discoveries with you!