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Wednesday 26 June 2024
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Honorary Princess of the Day

My friend just shared the most amazing experience that her family had while at Walt Disney World last Fall and I wanted to share it with you.  Her daughter was chosen as “Honorary Princess of the Day” at the Magic Kingdom.  Here’s what she had to say:
“We were the first people in line for Breakfast at the castle and my daughter was asked to be the Honorary Princess of the Day. Apparently, every morning they ask the young girls in the first family in line for breakfast to be honorary princesses of the day. I knew nothing about this, but I did rush us there so I could get pictures of us in front of the castle without anyone else in the picture. (You know me and my pictures!)

She was given a special sticker, that only she got, they named her in the announcement to open the castle and over the PA system welcoming everyone to the park for the day, and they took her into the castle before everyone else was let in. We got extra time with Cinderella before they started letting in the people with breakfast reservations. Also, they sat her at the head of the first table. (Meaning that the princesses came to see her before they went to any other table at breakfast) Throughout the rest of the day, she was greeted by every Disney cast member with “Hello, special princess of the day” and every character pointed to the sticker on her chest.  She had never felt so special!!!!”

I guess Terri was right about getting to the parks early!  This sounds like such a unique an amazing experience for a girl at Walt Disney World. 
We’d love to hear more about this experience.  If your daughter has ever been the Honorary Princess of the Day, let us know!

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