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Sunday 9 June 2024
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HINT! Become a Citizen of Walt Disney World!

Here’s a little-known hint that has a fulfilling return ~ Become a Citizen of Walt Disney World! There’s a little bit of brain power involved, as you are tested on your Disney knowledge, but to gain Citizenship at WDW is totally worth it!

I first heard about this cool hint from Josh over at Living the Dream Podcast and had to give it a try myself! Back on July 13, 2015 – I officially became a citizen of WDW! Then on September 12, 2016 – I made my husband and kids earn their citizenship too!

How is it done? Well, you must visit the One Man’s Dream attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Upon entering the attraction, ask the very first cast member you see for a Citizenship test. They’ll pull out a test for you and hand you a pencil. Be warned, if you have multiple people with you, they do have multiple versions of the test – to ensure no cheating! You may then walk through the One Man’s Dream exhibit, using the displays to find your answers – if you need the help. When you have completed your test, find the very last cast member (before you enter the theater) and turn in your test. If you pass, you’ll be awarded a certificate, Honorary Citizen of WDW button, AND the cast member will enter your name in the Citizenship Log Book!


Just for fun, I asked to see my Name in the Logs from the previous year, and the cast member had to pull out a previous book to find it – but sure enough, I was still in there! As the Cast Member was flipping through the pages of the Logs, I noticed that only about 10 – 20 people complete the Citizenship test each day! Seriously? Of all the thousands of park guests each day, only a handful know about and take the Citizenship test! Come on people, test your knowledge on Walt! You’ll feel so accomplished when you’re awarded Honorary Citizenship status!


Citizen of WDW

Terri is owner, creator and an author for WDW Hints. She enjoys taking less-traveled paths of WDW and sharing her lesser-known discoveries with you!