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Thursday 11 April 2024
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Danielle’s Dining Review: Cookes of Dublin

Cookes of Dublin (Disney Springs) – Quick Service

CookesofDublinMost of the quick services I ate on my recent trip were repeaters, with the exception of Cookes of Dublin. Call it Raglan Road’s little sister or brother. Located on the opposite side of Raglan Road’s entrance is the walk up counter for Cookes of Dublin offering up fatty, greasy goods. I’m not proud of what I ate but a Cast Member suggested this earlier in the day. Yes, I ate the fattiest fat thing on the menu, me, protein shake loving girl. I had the Battered Burger – a battered fried concoction that I enjoyed too much. WOW!

My family had a variety of things, including Hog in a Box, slow roasted pork shoulder with baby potatoes, sage and sweet onion stuffing caramelized onions and applesauce. That was equally divine. It was a nice way to end our vacation, sitting outside on a beautiful sunny day, listening to some Irish tunes and eating some deliciousness. It wouldn’t be fair if I left out the chocolate orange cookies, simply delicious, like a soft brownie cookie with just the right balance of orange and chocolate. Good eats here.

Overall rating: A – Fatty, yummy goodness with a laid back, drink-yer-Guiness vibe.