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Wednesday 10 April 2024
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Movie Review: The BFG


Upon her arrival in Giant Country, Sophie (Ruby Barnhill), a 10-year-old girl from London, is initially frightened of the mysterious giant who has brought her to his cave, but soon comes to realize that the BFG is actually quite gentle and charming, and, having never met a giant before, has many questions. The BFG brings Sophie toDream Country where he collects dreams and sends them to children, teaching her all about the magic and mystery of dreams. The BFG (Mark Rylance), while a giant himself, is a Big Friendly Giant and nothing like the other inhabitants of Giant Country.



I had low expectations for this film – I don’t know why. Perhaps because Finding Dory was released two weeks prior and had so much build up – The BFG didn’t quite match up. However, I’m excited to tell you, The BFG blew my low expectations out of the water! It’s a very heart-warming story, with a VERY hilarious scene at the Queen’s palace that was totally unexpected (our theater was roaring with laughter, and I had tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard – that’s never happened to me before at a theater.)

Lessons learned from this film are accept people for who they are – accept their differences. It’s no surprise that the BFG talks a bit differently – and he knows it, he puts himself down for it. But Sophie paid him an unexpected compliment that had him overjoyed! You never know what your words are worth to someone else.

The Kid Factor

While the film is rated PG, I believe it’s acceptable for all ages. The “mean” giants are a bit rough around the edges and might appear a bit frightening to little ones, but they aren’t gruesome. No foul language is used – which is always a plus in my book. There is some “bodily humor” (passing of gas) in the film, which is referred to as “whizzpopping.”


Of course! This film is fun for all ages, the storyline moves along nicely, and you’ll find a friend in the BFG.


Disclaimer: We were invited to a complimentary advanced screening of The BFG in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are our own. No other compensation was received.

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