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Monday 10 June 2024
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Hair Majesty’s Boutique, Cruise Line Door Magnets Review

Disney Cruise Door Magnets

Bringing my family on our first first Disney Cruise opened up a whole new world of exciting Disney decorations and Etsy finds. I was very excited to hear that the stateroom doors are all magnetic. This gives people unlimited decorating possibilities! I immediately went to my favorite crafting site, Etsy, and found Hair Majesty’s Boutique. Shelley, the creative guru behind the shop, offers an amazing assortment of magnets to decorate your stateroom. These magnets are designed to fit perfectly around the room number on each door.

I got in touch with Shelley and she was kind enough to send me a sample magnet so that I could share them with our WDW Hints readers. Let me tell you, choosing from her many magnets was not a simple task. She offers favorite Disney characters, such as Mickey, Goofy, Minnie and Donald, with holiday themes, celebration themes or movie themes! We debated a Aquaduck theme Donald, a pirate theme Mickey or a Goofy for our stateroom. In the end, I brought my boys in for their opinion and Darth Vader Mickey won out for our stateroom. Just look at how amazing he looked when we set him up!

Mickey Darth Vader Door Magnet

We saw a great variety of decorations on doors throughout the ship. We loved seeing how creative everyone got with their staterooms. My kids love the magnetic poetry on one door.

Cruise line doors

My favorite door? Our Darth Vader, of course! I just loved how adorable this magnet looked on our stateroom and I truly got a huge smile on my face every time we saw Vader Mickey waiting for our return. And since I walked the wrong direction every time I got into the hallway, having a great magnet made it much easier for me to find our stateroom. Shelley’s magnets are all  made with cardstock, laminated and extremely sturdy. We had no issues with any of the pieces bending or falling off the door. I would highly recommend them for anyone heading on a Disney cruise.

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