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Tuesday 16 April 2024
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Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus Review


Well, that was fun! This past weekend my family and I went to the circus together for the first time! We went to see Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus present Circus XTREME and had a blast! The show lasted about 2 hours with a short intermission. We loved that one act ended just as another was beginning and there was always something to watch.

During the evening, the show featured camels, elephants, dogs, snakes and tigers. My main concern about the circus is the treatment of the animals. The ringmaster actually spent a good deal of time discussing how the animals are trained and cared for by the circus. I’ll be honest, most of the animals did not seem phased by their performances, with the exception of the tigers, who really looked annoyed by their trainer. Honestly, even though they were fascinating, we all felt uncomfortable watching the animals.

The human performers were simply amazing. The show has bike stunts, acrobatics, a strong man and, yes, a person being shot out of a canon! The tightrope performers were definitely a highlight of the evening. People in the audience gasped as they jumped over each other while on the tightrope. Of course there were plenty of clowns at the show, although none climbed out of a tiny clown car. Bummer. They seemed to do more dancing and gymnastics than the stereotypical pie-in-the-face type clowns.

Here are a few photos from the show:


Acrobatics on camel back!


Tigers performing


The strong man lifts 500 pounds with his teeth!


The famous ringmaster!


4 person pyramid on a tightrope!

Overall, we all loved the circus. I think the use of animals may stop me from going to a show in the future, but I’m glad my children got to experience the show and I know they had a wonderful time.


Disclaimer: Amy was given a special opportunity from Feld Entertainment to enjoy the show with her family and to give an honest opinion of the show. All opinions expressed are her own. No other compensation was received.

Amy is a Disney loving mom of two Disney loving boys. She loves planning for Disney trips, reading about Walt Disney World and most of all, going to World Disney World!