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Wednesday 17 April 2024
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Why Should I try to Learn Something at Disney?

Why should I try to learn something at Disney?

Because learning is fun! Disney has great attractions that have high fun impact. Rides like Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios and even Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom are lots of fun to ride, but did you know you can also learn things while waiting in line to ride these rides?

The Disney Imagineers worked very hard to “stage” each ride’s queue lines to give a preview of what the ride is all about. The design team traveled to places like Tibet, India and Nepal just to do research on the Yeti. They brought back ideas, trinkets and legends to weave into the queue line of Expedition Everest.


Photo courtesy of D Magical Education.

Have you ever looked closely at the items in the queue ride for Expedition Everest? Some of those items are the real deal! Things like climbing gear, taken from the base of Mount Everest or ladders from the stores in Nepal. There are over 8,000 items collected from the trips taken to the Nepal area and displayed in the queue line’s Yeti Museum just for you to “get a picture” of the Yeti and Mount Everest before you even step on the ride.

Many of the items in the queue line were recreated to look like the real deal. Did you know that the bricks used in some of the “buildings” in the queue line were made using rammed earth bricks, just like they do in Nepal? These bricks are mixed with water, dirt and straw, then hammered together into brick shapes.


Photo courtesy of Amy Bilsky.

All of those items give you a clue as to what makes Expedition Everest so special. If you pay close attention to the items just a few feet away from you in the queue line, you could see things like the reproduction of the Yeti footprint picture, taken in 1951. The footprint in this picture is supposed to be 13 inches high by 8 inches wide! Or spot the “Ye-Tea”, a special blend of tea made by the fictional Royal Anandpur Tea Company in the cabinet of Tashi’s Trek and Tongba Shop.

One last learning fact. The queue line is supposed to resemble a village in Nepal. It has a unique name of Serka Zong. What does this name mean? If you can’t find the answer, visit DMagicalEducation.com. The answer is in Yeti blue!

Remember, learning can be fun! Even while riding a thrill ride at Disney! 


Photo courtesy of D Magical Education.


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