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Saturday 8 June 2024
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Book Review: Spinning Disney’s World

Spinning Disney’s World details Charles Ridgway’s 40 year career as a press agent for the Disney company. The book was an easy read, detailing his personal interactions with Walt, opening days of Disneyland and Walt Disney World and his many encounters with celebrities.

Mr. Ridgway devoted his career to increasing publicity for many of the Disney parks.  My favorite story was Mr. Ridgway’s account of training 50 ducklings to follow Donald in a parade for Donald’s fiftieth birthday celebration. I also enjoyed reading about his travels to various European cities and meeting with the newspaper editors regarding EPCOT’s World Showcase campaign.

This book is highly recommended for Disney lovers who desire to learn more about the inner workings of the PR department and read recollections and stories of a true Disney insider.



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