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Tuesday 25 June 2024
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Book Review: Main Street Windows

There’s no doubt about it ~ I highly recommend Main Street Windows: A Complete Guide to Disney’s Whimsical Tributes by Jeff Heimbuch to any Disney buff! It truly is a complete guide to ALL windows found on Main Street and not just in Disneyland, but all windows found in the Magic Kingdom (WDW), Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland!

This book is divided by park (5 sections that include all 5 parks listed above) and includes color pictures of almost all of the windows you can find on each Main Street. Every single window is accounted for with it’s history – who the window is dedicated to, their story and relationship to Disney. Packed full of interesting facts and details, Main Street Windows is truly a fascinating read. Those of you that love to delve into the details of Disney will really appreciate this work by Jeff Heimbuch. You’ll pick up lots of fun facts about each window that you can then point out to your family and friends while walking down Main Street.

It’s certainly enjoyable too, to compare the windows between all 5 parks. While it may not be possible to physically visit each and every Disney park, now you can at least “walk”vicariously down Main Street of each park, examining each window and appreciate the attention to detail – thanks to this book!

While the price of this book seems high, it’s worth it! The book is in full color, and the knowledge you will have on each and every window will be priceless! Whether you’re sitting at home trying to recall what a window might have said, or you’re walking down Main Street and you want to know the history behind a certain window – you’ll have ALL of the information you could want, wrapped up into this complete guide to windows found at the Disney Parks! Check out Main Street Windows on Amazon, where you can take a “look inside” and see for yourself how detailed each window description is and notice the full color photo’s of each window!

Editor’s Note: We received a complimentary copy of Main Street Windows in exchange for a book review – no other compensation was received  All opinions expressed are our own. Affiliate links have been provided, but do not raise the cost of the book for those that click on our links.

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