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Wednesday 12 June 2024
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Product Review: Purex® Crystals Aromatherapy

Purex is at it again! Making excellent scented crystals to go into your wash load and allow your laundry to come out smelling great for weeks! Seriously!

I received an 18 oz. bottle of Purex® Crystals Aromatherapy in the Well Being scent (pink bottle.) I’m not into “Aromatherapy” but taking for what it is – a laundry scent booster – it’s an excellent product and does its job well. After washing, drying, folding and putting away our laundry that was freshly laundered using these crystals, the clothes smelled great! And not just for a day… even a week after putting it away, you could still smell the fresh scent. I could smell the scent of well being on my six-year-old daughter as she ran past me one day… after having worn her clothes for 6 hours already. So, this product works when it comes to scent boosting and keeping clothes smelling fresh. You can’t go wrong using any type of Purex® Crystals!

Disney (or any Vacation) Packing Tip
Because the fresh sent stays locked into your clothing for so long, I’d suggest laundering your clothing using any Purex® Crystals product and then packing your clothes into your suitcase. Tuck in a few Purex® Crystal Dryer Sheets for extra freshness! You’ll look, feel and smell fresh all vacation-long!

Disclaimer: I received a free bottle of Purex® Crystals Aromatherapy in exchange for a  product review. All opinions express are completely my own.

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