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Wednesday 12 June 2024
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Interview with Book Author, Shelby Pickett

Meet Shelby Pickett, author of the new book series The Ultimate Disney Parks Scavenger Hunt Book Series “Exploring the Magic Kingdom”. Check out Crissy’s recent interview with Shelby, below!

WDW Hints: Thanks for agreeing to an interview! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Shelby: I’ve always had a love for all things Disney, and the detail that has been put into each of the parks. I’ve also been a big fan of Scavenger hunts my entire life.

WDW Hints: Tell us about your new book series The Ultimate Disney Parks Scavenger Hunt Book Series “Exploring the Magic Kingdom”.
Shelby: My new book series starts with the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, and takes you on an exciting journey to uncover the hidden features and details placed in the park. From 6-106, it is something singles, couples, or families can do together to see the parks from a completely new point of view.

WDW Hints: What made you choose to begin the series with the Magic Kingdom?
Shelby: I began the series with the Magic Kingdom since it is the first park built at Walt Disney World. The second will cover Epcot and so on. The books for Walt Disney World will follow the order the parks were built. There will also be a book for Disneyland Park, and California Adventure that will be out later this year.

WDW Hints: What inspired you to write books about Disney?
Shelby: They always say write about what you love. Disney is my favorite topic, and a place I have loved since an early age. Writing about it just seemed to come naturally.

WDW Hints: Can you tell us about something that we will find on our scavenger hunt in the Magic Kingdom?
Shelby: You will discover hidden areas of the park not normally visited, bits of Disney history, and a greater understanding of the amazing detail Disney puts into the show elements and architecture.

WDW Hints: What is your favorite attraction at Disney?
Shelby: This is a tough one. My favorite attraction would have to tie between Peter Pans Flight and Journey into Imagination with Figment.

WDW Hints: Who is your favorite character?
Shelby: Another tie! Stitch and Dumbo.

A big thank you to Shelby Pickett for taking the time to answer some questions for us. WDW Hints is looking forward to reviewing his first book Exploring the Magic Kingdom. Be sure to visit him on Facebook!

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