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Wednesday 12 June 2024
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Baby Announcement Made on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin!

Meet Catie… (she helps us with Graphics!)

My husband and I are self proclaimed Disney nerds. What started out in 2008 as a one day trip to Hollywood Studios escalated into 2 trips to DLR and 2 trips to WDW within the last calendar year. After numerous trips to Walt Disney World, we felt like we were home. We knew where we wanted to go, what we wanted to see, what we wanted to do, etc. On each trip, we kept looking for ways to set it apart from our previous trips. We began with the Quick Service dining plan. Then we tried the Table Service dining plan. Then we tried a couple different tours. Every time we fell in love with Disney that much more!

Heartbreaking News
Before continuing with our story, I want to share some more of our back story. During our previous WDW trip in November 2013, I thought I was pregnant the entire 2 week trip. We didn’t rent a car and we couldn’t find a pregnancy test on WDW property. When we got home I took a test that very faintly confirmed I was pregnant with our first baby! We were very excited to say the least, but sadly 6 days later we lost the baby. It was a very sad time for me and one of the things that took my mind off of our baby was our upcoming anniversary trip to WDW.

Anniversary Surprise!
We headed down to WDW April 29 – May 5 to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary on May 1st. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Hollywood Studios was also celebrating their 25th anniversary the same day, and it was the first park we had visited together. Disney magic was definitely in the air for us! I had began to feel the same pregnancy symptoms the week leading up to our trip, so I packed a few pregnancy tests just in case. I had taken a test the Saturday before our trip that was negative, but I just KNEW I was pregnant. So I “patiently” waited until the following Saturday (May 3rd) to test again and it was POSITIVE!

We were very very excited but also, scared to death!

While in Disney… Make it Magical!
While being at the most magical place on Earth we knew we had the perfect opportunity to find a way to share the news with our families. We began thinking of rides that offered ride photos so that we could hold some kind of sign sharing our news. We didn’t like any of the ride options that immediately came to mind. However, Magic Kingdom would be open until 2 a.m. Sunday, May 4th and we were hoping for any opportunity to ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

Around 1 a.m. we figured that all hope was lost for 7DMT so we went over to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin and when we got to the ride photo we knew we had the perfect ride! It was slow moving, indoors and dry! We jumped off the ride and headed over to the gift shop and asked if they had a piece of paper and a marker. Once we told them what we had in mind they quickly helped us out! We rushed back over to Buzz and hopped on for our perfect ride photo! I quickly found the camera in the wall and knew exactly where to look into the camera, but I couldn’t explain it well enough that hubby could find it too. So, after several attempts (6 to be exact!) he wasn’t looking… or the sign was behind the joy stick… or we had weird looks on our faces.. or the camera just DIDN’T take our picture, it was nearing 2 a.m. and we knew we only had one more shot!

By this time, all the cast members working the attraction knew what we were trying to do and were cheering us on! We tried it one final time, knowing it was all or nothing! We stepped off the ride at 1:58 a.m. and even though hubby still wasn’t looking at the camera we deemed it was as good as we were going to get! We headed over to the photo counter and told the young lady which ride photo we wanted. She gushed over our baby sign and showed all the other cast members in the area that didn’t already know. She started quickly pushing buttons and adding photos of all sizes to our order. I thought it was a little strange because we never told her what sizes we wanted. I assumed it must be one of those package deals where they print the photo and ask if you want the bundle.

“This One’s on the Mouse!”
She came over with our prints (1- 8×10, 2-5×7’s, and 4 wallets AND the digital rights to print more photos!) and told us to have a magical night! We tried to ask her how much we owed for them, but she told us this one was on The Mouse! She said it was a “Disney Magical Moment!” Indeed it was! Bringing home a baby was the best souvenir we could have gotten!

Here we are several months later and I am happy to announce that I am 15 weeks pregnant with our baby boy!  ~Catie

Editor’s Note: A great big CONGRATULATIONS to our team member, Catie!! We’re so thrilled for this news and look forward to the arrival of this Blessing in January!