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Tuesday 25 June 2024
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Disney Packing List: Don’t Leave Home Without…

Years ago, I created a Disney World packing list for our family trip with two small children. I kept the list on my phone and added to it as I thought of things that would be helpful at Disney. I’ve kept the list there and used it every year since. This, of course, is not a complete packing list, but should help you add a few items you may not have thought to add to your list!

Clothing and Accessories

  • Good walking shoes*
  • Sweatshirts, jackets and long pants – if you are there during the Winter
  • Mickey shirts – if you’ve got any Disney shirts, you will want them at Disney!
  • Hats, hair ties
  • T-shirts, shorts, pajamas, underwear, socks – you know, the basics
  • Small raincoats
  • Bathing suits, swim shirts, goggles and swim shoes
  • Jewelry/watches 
  • Sunglasses*  
  • Comfy socks – for the hotel after a long day of walking


  • Camera* – with a case, extra batteries and a charger (consider bringing a camera for the kids)
  • iPad, Nook or other tablet type system – these are essential for us on the plane to keep kids entertained
  • Phone chargers 
  • Headphones


  • Sunscreen* – I like to bring a few travel sizes to keep in my bag during the day
  • Allergy medicine
  • Band aids
  • Medications and/or OTC medicine
  • Travel wipes – I keep these with me throughout our stay 
  • Diapers – for little ones
  • Chapstick
  • Baby Powder


  • Transportation information (Boarding passes)*
  • Disney luggage tags (Magical Express tags should go on your luggage)
  • Hotel confirmations*
  • Rental Car information, if applicable
  • Maps 


  • Snacks for the plane/car and parks – we don’t bring many snacks for the parks, but it’s nice to have something readily available
  • Gum or Mints – don’t meet Mickey with bad breath!
  • Water bottles

Disney Vacation Essentials 

  • MagicBands*
  • Autograph books, pens* – I like to order in advance so we are ready as soon as we arrive
  • Disney guidebook
  • Hidden Mickey book
  • Lanyards and pins for trading (if you trade)
  • Mickey/Minnie ears – if you’ve been before, bring your ears from home
  • Mousekeeping envelopes for tips (for housekeeping)
  • Pennies and quarters for penny press machines

Other – Don’t forget these 10 (less thought of) items to pack, along with:

  • Stroller, if needed
  • Restaurant toys, crayons, coloring books or sticker books – to entertain younger kids at restaurants or on the plane/in the car
  • Booster seats, if needed for rental cars
  • Night lights – my kids always like a night light
  • Addresses for postcards and stamps
  • Hand held fans
  • Mickey doll or other stuffed friends
  • Plastic grocery bags – for dirty clothes when packing
  • Backpack or other park bag
  • Laundry detergent sheets and quarters. (Some resorts do have free laundry in the room!)
  • Extra bag to bring home merchandise
  • Glow sticks – bring from home to save!
  • Ziploc bags – great to separate snacks for kids, and for keeping electronics safe in the rain
  • Notebooks – for older kids to document about the trip
  • Scissors – to open anything the kids buy while you’re there
  • Power strips – to use in the hotel at night to charge all of your electronics

* Have these items with you when you travel in case your luggage doesn’t arrive when you do.

What items are must haves on your Disney vacation?

Happy packing!

Amy is a Disney loving mom of two Disney loving boys. She loves planning for Disney trips, reading about Walt Disney World and most of all, going to World Disney World!