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Tuesday 25 June 2024
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#ILikeVeggies! Do You? Look at what Birds Eye and Disney are up to now…

Last month, Birds Eye® and Disney announced that they are teaming up through a program entitled Step Up to the Plate in order to encourage kids to consume more vegetables! Did you know only 10% of children in the United States get the proper amount of vegetables needed in their diet on a daily basis? Not good! And I know my kids are part of the 90% not eating enough veggies.

We’ve accepted the challenge from Disney and Birds Eye to eat more veggies! Throughout the Spring and Summer, we’ll be trying Birds Eye products and increasing our vegetable intake. Birds Eye will begin displaying Disney Characters on their product packaging and also be bringing Disney Channel and Disney XD stars onboard to help promote healthy eating.

So, where does one start when trying to add more Vegetables into their diet? Start with small goals that you can easily achieve:

  • Keep a tray of veggies within reach so you (and your kids) can grab a few veggies when you’re hungry. Allow dressing or dip to help boost flavor.
  • Buy packaged, ready-to-eat fresh vegetables. This cuts down on prep time.
  • Use the microwave to quickly cook vegetables.
  • Cut up raw veggies and keep them in your refrigerator. If these veggies are ready to eat, you’re more likely to grab them than something else.
  • Keep a food log! You are more likely to eat more fruits and vegetables if you write down how many servings you’re getting each day.
That’s our starting point for increasing our vegetable intake. Join us next month to see how we’re doing and what other ideas we’ve come up with!
Want to Join in on the Fun?
Families can follow @BirdsEye on Twitter for more information, ideas, exciting prizes and find out which Disney stars will be participating in this campaign. Parents can use #ILikeVeggies to share their ideas for getting children to eat more vegetables! 
Special thanks to Krista from DisneyWays for introducing our family to this campaign! 

Terri is owner, creator and an author for WDW Hints. She enjoys taking less-traveled paths of WDW and sharing her lesser-known discoveries with you!