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Monday 10 June 2024
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Book Review: Beyond the Attractions: A Guide to Walt Disney World with Preschoolers 2014

When I first opened Beyond the Attractions: A Guide to Walt Disney World with Preschoolers, my first thoughts were, I wonder if they will tell me something I don’t already know? As a seasoned WDW traveler, at times, I like to think I know everything – realistically this is untrue! There is so much to learn and know about all of the fantastic things WDW offers as well as how to make the most of your trip. Since I’ve only taken my 2-year-old daughter once (when she was 15 months old), there is quite a bit for me to learn and I found some great tips from this excellent guide!

I really appreciated the way the book was laid out. It starts with an intro and the top five general tips and top five tips for travel with preschoolers. It is then broken into helpful sections including: Preparing; Disney Lodging; Transportation; Touring; Attractions; Hidden Activities; Dining; Parades and Character Greetings; Child Care and Safety; Must-Do List and many more. It also includes a planning checklist, packing list and maps.

I found some very helpful tips and suggestions in this guidebook. One of my favorite sections was under the Preparing chapter and discussed how to “pump up your kids” for your Disney trip. One of the suggestions was to have a welcome letter from one of their favorite Disney characters. What a great idea! Another tip discussed a “multigenerational trip” for those times you might travel with grandparents. It offered up ways to plan out your vacation so everyone benefits.

Another section gave some creative ideas on how to keep your child occupied while in line. I’ve been fortunate enough to go where lines were practically non-existent but I can see how beneficial that could be to others that travel at peak times. Many of the tips I read about for the first time revolved around the activities offered at specific resorts. Did you know most days you can get a hula lesson at the Polynesian Resort if you pass through the lobby at the right time? I didn’t!

One of my only criticisms of the book was the lack of information under lodging about Disney Vacation Club. Although I know a lot about DVC, since I’m an owner, a newbie WDW traveler might not get enough information about staying at a DVC resort which usually offers more stay than a regular Disney resort hotel. I would have liked to read more about each individual DVC resort.

Beyond the Attractions is a really helpful tool if you are planning a trip with a preschooler, even if you are a seasoned vet like me! I have dog-eared so many pages to refer back to next time I go. I highly recommend getting this book so you and your little Mouseketeer can get the most out of your next trip to the most magical place in the world!


You can purchase a paperback copy from Amazon, or purchase the eBook version for your Kindle! Visit http://www.beyondtheattractions.com for more information!

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