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Tuesday 25 June 2024
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Review: Little VIP Bandz gave us Peace of Mind!

Losing track of a child, even for a few seconds, can create sheer panic in a parent! Large crowds and small children can bring out those What if? thoughts. When we’re headed somewhere with crowds – whether it’s Walt Disney World, a fair, sporting event, or even a shopping mall – I try to put some sort of tag or sticker inconspicuously on my child in case we get separated.

A couple of months ago, I discovered Little VIP Bandz! The bands are sized to go around children’s wrists and allow a cell phone number to be written on them in permanent marker or ballpoint pen ink. They are water & tear-resistant, have adhesive for quick and easy placement around a wrist or ankle, and the kids enjoy them because they come in bright colors and fun designs!

Photo Courtesy of Little VIP Bandz

I contacted Christine wanting to know more about her bands, and she graciously sent me some to try out on our September Disney trip. My kids are 5 and 3 years old. While a 5 year old may know their parents cell phone #, you never know if they’re going to be able to remember a number – especially if they’re upset and crying knowing that they’re lost. So, having both of my kids wear these bands truly gave us peace of mind!!

My daughter loved the zebra print and “Minnie Mouse” polka dot bands. My son loved the race cars and shark themed bands. They were excited and happy to wear them. Neither child lost their band, nor could they pull it off themselves when we said it was time to take them off. Our kids swam, bathed, played, and slept in those bands for 3+ days, which at that point they appeared a little ‘worn’… they certainly would have lasted longer and our phone #’s were still legible, we just felt it was time to replace them and freshen up!

Visit the Little VIP Bandz shop on Etsy to view all designs!

Thankfully, neither of our kids got lost. Knowing that they we’re at least “wearing” our cell phone numbers gave us peace of mind because if they did get separated from us, we’d likely be reunited much more quickly than if they didn’t have any form of ID on. Thank you Christine for sharing your Little VIP Bandz with us!! Four thumbs up from my two little ones!!  ;o) View all available band designs at the Little VIP Bandz Etsy Shop!

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