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Tuesday 25 June 2024
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MagicBand Hint: Smaller Band for Smaller Wrists

While touring around WDW last week, I noticed a lot of little kids wearing the entire band. When the “one size fits all” band is placed on a little wrist – it can wrap around nearly two times! (See picture 1.) This doesn’t have to be the case. Disney designed these bands to truly fit everyone. If you’ve got a small wrist, or a child with a little wrist, you can “punch out” the colored portion of the MagicBand and solely wear that. It works just as well, and is a much more comfortable fit for a little wrist!

The official instructions for choosing the size that works best for you can be found printed inside the MagicBand box lid.

Those MagicBands truly are magical!  ;o)

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