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Wednesday 10 April 2024
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Preserving a Most Magical Memory… Dixie Midwest (A Review)

My father and I shared a great love for all things Disney, particularly Walt Disney World. My very first trip was with my parents in 1978, when I was a toddler. I still have faint memories of that trip. According to my mother, I didn’t stop talking about it for years. Later on in life, my dad bought a timeshare at the Sheraton Vistana and we made several trips to WDW when I was a teenager.

My dad loved two things the most in Walt Disney World. The first was his favorite attraction – Pirates of the Caribbean. In fact, he had joked (but at the same time, I’m sure VERY seriously) that he would retire from his florist shop one day, move to Florida, and work as a pirate at POC. And you couldn’t stop him from talking like a pirate either. Argghh!

The Main Street Electrical Parade was his other favorite thing at WDW. I could still see him dancing in front of the Diamond Horseshoe Revue, videotaping the parade. I recall one trip, he insisted on watching the parade twice that night! Years later, I would randomly put the soundtrack on my iPod and whatever he was doing he would stop to dance!

We always talked about going back together and I knew we would have so much fun. But he was always busy with his florist, working seven days a week, never having the time. He was always eager to hear about my trips and see my pictures and I could tell he wanted to go badly. Sadly, our trip together never happened. My dad unexpectedly passed away in 2010 after a massive heart attack, before he reached his 60 birthday. Every time I go back to WDW, I think of him. Whenever I watch the Main Street Electrical Parade, I stand in the same area and swear I can still see him there dancing. I know he’s with me on every trip.

Front of Ornament
Back of Ornament

When I was offered the chance to order and review a Christmas ornament from Dixie Midwest, I knew I had the perfect picture. That’s me and my dad in front of Cinderella’s Castle, 1978. I took the same picture with my wee one earlier this year on her first trip (pictured below). The ornament came out beautifully (love the Disney details on the back!) and will be kept out all year long – not just for Christmas. I’m sure my dad would be happy to know his granddaughter now sings “Yo Ho, Yo Ho!

Thank you to Dixie Midwest for preserving a most magical memory!

Disclaimer: We received a free ornament of our choosing from Dixie Midwest to review.  Our reviews are not influenced by receiving a free item, nor are we compensated any other way for reviewing products. While Danielle chose a Memorial ornament, Dixie Midwest offers some fun Disney-themed products as well.