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Sunday 9 June 2024
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Movie Review: Disney’s Planes

From the World of Cars, comes Disney’s PLANES and right off the bat you feel as though you’re flying when watching Disney’s PLANES in 3D at the theater! Thanks to the generosity of Disney, my family and I had the privilege of pre-screening Planes on Monday, August 5th. Now that PLANES is officially playing in theaters (opened today – Aug 9th!), I can tell you about it… but I’ll try not to spoil it!

For me, PLANES wasn’t as good as Cars – but I pretty much expected that was going to be the case. Don’t get me wrong though, I was certainly entertained by the movie! (For me, nothing can beat the first of its kind.) Planes was funny, it was cute, and my 5 year old daughter was asking to see it again just 5 minutes after the movie had ended! So, no doubt – your kids will love it… boys AND girls alike.

Dusty Crophopper wants to be a high flying air racer, but he wasn’t built for that. As a crop duster, he flies low and slow. Through the encouragement of his friends and skilled training, he qualifies for a World Touring Race. The plot was your typical “Let’s Race” type of scenario. There’s a race, there’s a couple of characters trying to sabotage Dusty, but as with any Disney story, there’s always a happy ending as the underdog pulls through. The moral of the story being with hard work you can achieve more than what you were built to accomplish.

Parents will get a kick out of some of the lines within the movie. The PG rating was likely set due to those adult-humored lines, but don’t let that deter you from taking your children to see Planes… the jokes will fly right over their heads. Yep, pun intended.

I certainly recommend anyone of any age seeing PLANES, as there’s something entertaining for everyone within this move. Check out the trailer here:

Happy flying!

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