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Wednesday 26 June 2024
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Phone calls from Goofy


Have you ever been visiting the Magic Kingdom with one of your children that is wearing a birthday button? Then a cast member calls you over and asks if your child has received a birthday call from a character? Next, they pick up the phone and suddenly your child is receiving special birthday wishes from one of their Disney friends?

Now you can create this magic for your child in your Disney hotel room! Dial 8 and then enter 224-2144 and Goofy will come on the line with a special birthday greeting!

If you have additional children and they are experiencing a little jealousy, dial 8 and then enter 224-2142 and Goofy will welcome your child to Disney World!

It is a great way to add a little magic to your Disney World vacation!

Kristin Zarchan is a travel agent for Pixie Vacations. She is the mom to three wonderful children including a special needs son. She has traveled to either Disney World or Disneyland once a year for the past 20 years. She fell in love with Epcot when a friend’s family took her to Disney for the first time when she was 14. Her favorite ride both then and now is the Haunted Mansion. You can follow Kristin on twitter or facebook.

Terri is owner, creator and an author for WDW Hints. She enjoys taking less-traveled paths of WDW and sharing her lesser-known discoveries with you!