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Friday 14 June 2024
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Fun (and Unique!) Photo Ideas

After travelling to WDW a few times you will have collected a very impressive collection of awesome photos of your adventures. Photos in front of the castle, photos with Mickey and Minnie, photos in front of the Tree of Life…there is no lack of beautiful images to capture but if you’re looking for some different ideas, look no further! Check out these unique photo ops to enhance your next Disney album.

1. Almost every area at WDW has unique garbage cans. Next time you visit, take special notice of the details that are put into the design. Each will match the area you are in so well that you hardly notice they are there, until you need one, of course! While you are stopping to admire the details don’t forget to get a little photo evidence while you’re at it!

 2. Garbage cans not your thing? Why not try benches instead! When you take note of benches you will find that the detail in the design is very unique. Each area at WDW boasts it’s own themed benches so why not take a break (have a Mickey bar?) and snap a photo while you’re at it. You can also play a fun game of “where am I sitting” upon your return since most benches have no signage. You’ll need to rely on your memory and Disney Trivia prowess to win.

3. If you visit WDW with kids frequently, a fun way to document their growth and change is by taking the same photo every year. Have your kids strike a funny pose and then recreate it during each visit. What you will get is a funny progression of photos that are sure to make you smile. You can also do this as a family!

4. If you are using the Disney Photopass photographers to capture some of your memories, don’t forget to ask them for a “picture surprise.” The photographer will have you stand and pose in a specific way and when you view your photo later it will have a surprise waiting for you!

5. Have you noticed that each merchandise shop has an assortment of hats just waiting for you to try them on? Next time, don’t pass this photo opportunity by! Throw on a hat, take a picture and don’t forget to invite your family and friends in on the fun! Sometimes the most memorable photos are the ones where Grandad is wearing the Goofy hat!

6. Another neat “collection” photo idea is to take a photo of you and your friends wearing the varied assortment of 3D glasses you get at attractions throughout the park. The “It’s Tough to be a Bug” attraction, for instance, has “bug eyes” instead of regular glasses ~ A fun twist that makes for a great photo! Don’t forget your camera at Disney Quest for this task! This indoor “park” has several 3D attractions.

So there you have it! Some fun and unique photo ideas to try on your next vacation. Have you ever taken some fun, unique, silly or crazy shots on your Disney vacation? Tell us about them in the comments below!