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Wednesday 10 April 2024
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Dining Review: The Good, the Not-so-Bad and the Ugly – Part One Introduction

Before I dive deep into a dining review based on a recent trip to WDW, I feel it’s fair to tell you where I stand on food and my background. I consider myself a foodie (as opposed to a food snob). A foodie is someone who loves food, all kinds, whether it’s a hot dog at Casey’s or a filet mignon at Le Cellier. Whereas a food snob would turn their nose up at anything not at Victoria & Albert’s, Disney’s top notch white glove restaurant. I have a past life as a food blogger from 2006 to 2009 where I reviewed recipes and restaurants. I also spent a few years doing public relations for a fine dining restaurant in my area. Outside of Disney, I love to cook, eat and prefer little hole-in-the-wall dining spots to chains.

Eating at Disney and planning my reservations are the most exciting parts of my trip. I spend hours figuring out where I’m going to be, where we are going to eat and checking out the menus. And yes, I’m one of those people who won’t let my family touch their food until I take a picture!

My goal is to eventually eat my way around the World, one restaurant at a time. I’m slowly but surely getting there but hit a little speed bump along the way. Although I’m in the double digits for my trips, my fiancé and his 12 year old son have only gone a few times. They want to try some of the places I’ve been to before, so my rule is I need to get at least one new place in every trip! This trip was no exception as I told them months prior that no matter what, we were eating at the new Be Our Guest restaurant in Magic Kingdom (more details on that later) and I got my wish (and if you know anything about securing a reservation there you know it is quite an accomplishment)! Most of the other places were repeat visits for me that I’ll return to again and again, while others, well….I won’t be returning to any time soon…It also helped that we were on the Disney Dining Plan. We would have not eaten out as much if we had not been on it. But that is another story to be told on another day….

My three part series will be broken down into the “good” – the best places we ate at; the “not-so-bad” – our mediocre dining experiences; and the “ugly” – those places where we didn’t have the best experience. Join me on this dining adventure around Walt Disney World! Get your fat pants on!


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