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Friday 12 April 2024
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Disney Honeymoon Hints

So you’re getting married! Congratulations! In addition to planning the details of your big day you will also be booking the trip of a lifetime! Your Honeymoon!
If you are looking for the perfect mix of fun and relaxation then a Disney Honeymoon just might be for you. So where do you start? How do you make sure you are getting the most out of this very special trip? After planning Disney Honeymoons for friends, family and colleagues  (as well as going on my own Disneymoon) I offer to you…

Top Five Tips for a Magical Disney Honeymoon:

  1. Wear your Honeymoon Pin!
When you arrive at your resort (or at the park entrance, if you are staying off property) Tell the cast member helping you that you are celebrating a honeymoon. They will provide you with a pin that looks something like this:

Wear it with pride! You will be congratulated often as you walk throughout the property and you might also be picked to participate in a neat experience. i.e. Grand Marshal of a parade, actor in streetmosphere production or a specialty dessert at your restaurant.

  1. Plan your days and then play hookey
As the folks at WDWHints have taught you, using a planning chart to plan every detail before you go on your vacation will save you both time and money. It’s recommended to do this for your honeymoon as well…but then…don’t be afraid to play hookey and skip a few events. After all, this is your honeymoon. You will want to spend time reflecting on how much fun your wedding day was and giddily planning your future as husband and wife. (Next trip, with kids?)

  1. Tell Your Travel Agent you are celebrating
Apart from wearing your pin while you are on property, telling your travel agent that you are celebrating your honeymoon may open the doors to some special experiences. They will also be able to steer family and friends in the right direction when asked if they can contribute to the honeymoon. The Disney Florist department makes fantastic welcome baskets that make a great surprise to newlyweds.

  1. Book Unique Experiences
Much like all-inclusive resorts down South have “day excursions” Disney offers some really neat tours and experiences that will add that extra special memory to your Honeymoon. They have behind the scenes tours, specialty cruises, dessert fireworks packages and spa packages. The Wild Africa Trek has received great reviews and comes with a lovely lunch. Booking a tour or special experience is especially nice for travellers who have been to Disney several times previously and are looking to add to their vacation.

  1. Take lots of pictures then make a time capsule
Fifty years from now when you sit on your front porch reminiscing about your wedding day and honeymoon together you will cherish the photos you took. Along with cell phone photos, don’t forget to bring a point and shoot or, better yet, a Digital SLR. There are so many subjects to photograph at Disney, you will appreciate them that much more when you have captured them with a higher-quality camera. Or conversely, you don’t want to look back at your honeymoon photos and wish they were of better quality. If carrying a camera around doesn’t appeal to you then I highly recommend the Disney Photo Pass option. You can pre-order a Photo Pass CD and then all of the photos that the professional Disney Photographers take for you will be yours to keep!

When you get home from your honeymoon, make a time capsule of your wedding and vacation and set to open it on your 50th anniversary! An excellent way to share the memories together!