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Monday 10 June 2024
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Walt Disney World Power Packs

Living with two picky eaters, or three if you include my husband, means that it’s not always easy to find great healthy meal choices with a variety that pleases everyone.  After days of pasta and pizza and pasta and pizza (and pasta and pizza) on my last Disney trip, my kids were ready for a different meal.  We were thrilled to discover Power Packs in the food court at our resort.

Power Packs can be found in the refrigerators at resorts and run less than $6 each.  It’s a great snack for an adult or a meal for kids.  It included fresh fruit (grapes and apples), yogurt, goldfish crackers, string cheese and chocolate covered marshmallows.  Yum! We saw some with veggies instead of fruit, so you may find different options at different resorts.

My kids were thrilled with their Power Packs.  Something about the different compartments was fascinating to them and they were so excited to see so many foods that they loved.  They actually sat through the entire meal and ate everything in those packs (a Disney Miracle!) We will definitely get these again for lunches on our next Disney trip.

Have you had a Power Pack yet?  Did you get a different assortment of foods?

Happy Snacking,

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