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Saturday 8 June 2024
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Midship Detective Agency – Help Mickey Find the Clues!

The Midship Detective Agency is an interactive game on the Disney Dream (and on the Fantasy too) that uses the Enchanted Artwork found all over the ship to help find clues and solve a mystery!

To begin, go to the self-serve kiosk located on mid-ship Deck 5 and pick up a game card and ship map which includes a list of suspects and locations of where you can find each clue.  The kiosk also contains a short video with instructions on how to play.  You can choose to solve ‘The Case of the Missing Puppies’ or ‘The Case of the Stolen Artwork.’  (As soon as you solve one case, you are free to come back and select the other in order to play both!)
Stand on this icon in front of the Enchanted Artwork to activate clues!

To play, simply find any piece of Enchanted Artwork on the ship, stand on the icon, and hold your game card level with the screen.  The Enchanted art will then play a short video clip, possibly asking you to complete a small task (such as popping balloons by moving your game card forward and back) and then will reveal a clue to you.  You can usually eliminate one of your suspects from each clue given.

Enchanted Artwork appears “normal” to any passerby.
As soon as the Enchanted Artwork is activated, a short film will play!
Gather your clues and mark off suspects from your brochure.

You can play this game from start to finish all in one hour, or you can stop every now and then and come back later – the computerized gaming system “knows” where you’re at in the game based on the code from your card.  Oh – and don’t worry – if you happen to see someone else playing the game, chances are you’ll receive a different clue from that screen.  Each game is randomized with a different criminal as the outcome!

After traveling around the ship and collecting all of the clues, you can typically solve the crime and become an official Midship Detective!

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