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Wednesday 10 April 2024
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Helpful Website: Mouse and Memos.com

Mouse and Memos.com is a fabulous tool to use when planning your next WDW vacation!  It was built to be used both at home (build plans, write reviews, make notes, etc.) as well as to be used at Walt Disney World (view your plans, set reminders, etc.)  It was also created to be used on multiple platforms – computer, cell phone or tablet.  And the best part of all, signing up for an account is completely FREE!  So give it a try!

Photo courtesy of Mouse and Memos.com

Here’s a quick list of things I have used on the site:

  • Reviews.  You can read reviews and add your own for any attraction, restaurant, show, shop, and even tours!  Reading reviews may help you gain perspective on whether or not you’d like to try something new.  Writing reviews will help others figure out what they’d like to try on their next WDW visit.
  • Reminders.  Send reservation reminders to your phone via text message or email, and choose the time the reminder arrives – from 15 minutes beforehand up to 24 hours.  Certainly a helpful tool, especially if you’ve got Fast Passes in hand that you don’t want to let expire!
  • Notes.  Want to try something different next time or remind yourself of something that needs to be done before your next trip?  Create a note!  It can be kept private, or shared with friends or the public.
  • Build a Plan.  On my last WDW vacation there were attractions I didn’t want to miss… and yet, I missed them.  I did not write out a complete itinerary.  If I had used this site to build my plan, I could have accessed the list of attractions on my cell phone and wouldn’t have forgotten!
  • Hidden Mickeys.  Do you love to hunt for Hidden Mickeys?  There are many Hidden Mickeys listed on Mouse and Memos, but there’s plenty more that need to be recorded!  Feel free to upload your own findings of Hidden Mickeys, and go ahead and check off if you’ve found others that are listed.
Another neat feature on this site is that every area you utilize, you can set as private, “share with friends,” or make public.  By finding your friends within this site (tell them to join!), you can share as little or as much as you like with them. Using these planning features with friends (or family members), will be great when vacationing with others – allowing everyone to be on the same page.
This site is excellent to use as a “reference guide” too.  Let’s look at the page dedicated to the Magic Kingdom, click here.  Scroll down to the “Attractions” list.  You’ll see the attractions listed in Alphabetical order, how many “stars” each has received according to reviewers currently using the site, which rides distribute Fast Passes, and which rides have height restrictions.  Scroll down towards the bottom of the page and click on the “+” next to “Dining.”  That area will expand and you’ll be able to see every single restaurant, including which are table service, quick service or side-stands.  Again, each of these has reviews (or the ability to create a review).  If you don’t like viewing these lists alphabetically and would prefer to view them geographically, scroll back toward the top and click on a “land” under the “Areas” list.  All of the attractions, dining locations and shops are listed for each specific land.  If you click on an actual attraction, you’ll be able to see more information on it, plus extra details that may be helpful – such as what attractions and restaurants are nearby!

Sign up for an account and give it a try!  If you need help, just send Jonathan an email!  He loves to get feedback and will certainly help you learn how to use his site.  And if you don’t have an upcoming Disney trip to plan just yet, you can still add reviews to help others out!

Terri is owner, creator and an author for WDW Hints. She enjoys taking less-traveled paths of WDW and sharing her lesser-known discoveries with you!