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Saturday 8 June 2024
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Book Review: A Christian’s Guide to Walt Disney World Resort ®

Update: We were excited to hear the news that Jeff Chaves book has gone from eBook to paperback!! On August 27 (2014) and through September 1st, we’ll be hosting a giveaway that will allow one lucky winner to receive an autographed copy of A Christian’s Guide to Walt Disney World Resort®: Devotions for your Family Vacation. Enter the giveaway at the bottom of this post!

Book Review
As a born again Christian, and parent of two small children, I am concerned if my “love” for Disney appears greater than my love for Christ.  Certainly that is not the impression I want to give my children (or to others).  I want my children know the difference and realize that Christ and the Bible are real, whereas Disney stories are fairy tales.  While vacationing at Walt Disney World, it’s easy to get distracted and caught up “in the magic,” but my husband and I want to keep our family’s focus on God.  One way to keep our focus on God is to weave Biblical truths into the excitement of vacation.


I recently had the privilege of reviewing A Christian’s Guide to Walt Disney World Resort ® – Devotions for Your Family Vacation.  Honestly, before even reading a word inside this book – I was skeptical.  I was thinking “How does one write a book incorporating Christianity into Walt Disney World, when Disney World was not designed with Christ in mind?”  Well, Pastor Chaves has certainly put that doubt to rest!  Pastor Chaves did not write this book trying to get the reader to believe that Walt Disney World is a Christian place.  Instead, he has taken over 40 attractions and have turned them into object lessons to be used as daily devotionals.

Each devotional, or lesson, includes 4 sections: Bible Truth with Bible Reference, Know-Before-You-Go, Connect It and Discuss It. The Bible Truth section gives a biblical truth statement with a Bible passage to be read. The Know-Before-You-Go section gives fun facts about the attraction, which may include a brief explanation of the ride, fun little details to search for, or other helpful information – this section is sure to grab any Disney fan’s attention! The Connect It section explains the passage within the Bible that has parallels to the attraction and how to apply that Biblical truth to our every day life. Finally, the Discuss It section has questions to ask your children about the ride, the Bible passage, and how to apply the lesson to our every day life – wonderful for teaching and growing.

To give a quick example of how this is done, I’ll share with you briefly how Pastor Chaves gives parallels of the ride Pirates of the Caribbean to a passage in the Bible. Now, you may be thinking “What passage in the Bible can possibly show similarities to Pirates (drunken thieves!)?!” Well, Pastor Chaves relates this ride to the story of the Prodigal Son! The prodigal son was essentially running from God (just as these pirates ran from the law). He asked for his Father’s inheritance and spent it on wild living. The pirates depicted in this ride also lived on the wild side and didn’t care too much for anyone but themselves. The story of the Prodigal Son ends with the son returning to his Father and repenting. Pastor Chaves points out the similarities between each attraction and Bible truth, but also points out the differences and how the Bible truth can be applied to our lives today. It’s a great way to keep your family thinking Biblically on vacation! 

I’m impressed with the large amount of quoted Scripture throughout this book.  There are so many Pastors that have become “seeker sensitive” and are afraid of mentioning “too much” scripture in their messages.  Pastor Chaves doesn’t seem to hold back at all, but rather pour out enough scripture for each lesson, even if it’s something somebody may not want to hear.  The object lessons for the rides make sense, bringing one’s thoughts back to Christ and how we ought to live our lives.  This book is also a great witnessing tool!  The Plan of Salvation is laid out plain and simple at least 4 times!  Seeds will be planted for any non-Christian Disney fan that reads this book… and ultimately that’s more important than an enjoyable Disney vacation.

So, while I may be hesitant about how much my kids are “exposed” to Disney fairy tales, A Christian’s Guide to Walt Disney World Resort ® – Devotions for Your Family Vacation is certainly a tool we can use to reinforce their Christian values but still have fun and enjoy the Disney theme parks!

This Book can be purchased through Amazon.

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