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Monday 10 June 2024
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Take a Picture of WHAT?! You won’t be sorry!

Walt Disney World is one of the most photographed places in the World.  Almost everyone brings a camera to Walt Disney World, even if it’s just a camera built into their cell phone.  But have you ever thought to take a picture of the following?  Taking these pictures just might save you from a lot of unwanted stress!

The Contents of your Luggage.  Should your bags not arrive at the airport when you do, having a picture of the contents of your luggage will help in claiming your bags.

The BACK of Admission tickets, Photopass Card, and Disney Gift Cards.  Turn your cards over and take a picture of the BACK of each.  By having the number from the back of your admission ticket, guest relations will be able to quickly reissue you a new ticket with the correct amount of remaining days should you accidentally lose it.  The same goes for a lost Disney Gift Card – guest relations can cancel the lost card and transfer the balance to a new gift card.  Lost your photopass card?  No worries, you can be reissued a new one containing all of the photo data from the lost card.  If you’ve lost your photopass card at home, all you need is the number from the back to log into the photopass site and view your pictures.

HINT: Consider taking pictures of the back of your cards with more than one camera (cell phone + digital camera) just in case your cards are lost with your cell phone (or camera).  Also, if you’ve received your tickets prior to leaving for WDW, photocopy them!  Keep a photographed copy of your tickets in your room as backup.

Resort Room Number.  Take a picture of your resort door showing your room number.  For security reasons, your resort room number is NOT on your Keys to the World Card, even though it serves as your room key.  Save yourself an embarrassing trip to the front desk admitting you’ve forgotten where your room is and take a quick picture of your room number.

Parking Spot and Rental Car.  If you drove to a Disney Park, take a picture of your parking spot AND the area markers nearby (parking row # and character marker) in the parking lot.  After a full day in the parks, you may have forgotten where you’ve parked.  A photographic reminder will certainly help you out!  Some people forget what their rental car looks like.  Take a picture of your rental car, including the plate #, to save you from the embarrassment of not knowing which car is yours.

Photograph your Kids EVERY Morning.  Take a picture of your kids before leaving your resort each morning.  If a child wanders off in a Park, parents can panic and completely forget what their child was wearing.  Having a picture with them (on a digital camera or cell phone) will allow them to show Cast Members who they’re looking for.

HINT:  Take a picture of your kids from behind as well.  Cast Members can find that helpful too!

Hopefully you won’t experience any of the problems listed above.  But taking these pictures will at least give you peace of mind and you’ll be prepared just in case!

Terri is owner, creator and an author for WDW Hints. She enjoys taking less-traveled paths of WDW and sharing her lesser-known discoveries with you!