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Monday 10 June 2024
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Helpful Website: Kenny the Pirate!

Kenny the Pirate keeps the most up-to-date Character Schedules and Show Schedules I’ve ever seen.  If you’re a Character Hunter his character schedules are very helpful.  Each Character Schedule gives the times of day each Character appears and their location – this allowed us to fine tune our park touring plan, as we were able to plan which attractions to do and make sure we had time to find the characters we wanted to meet.  The Show Schedules give each time a show is performing and includes unpublished shows (shows not listed on Disney’s Times Guide).  Unpublished shows such as DiVine at Animal Kingdom, or the Frontier Land Hoedown at Magic Kingdom.  These are little pop-up, or surprise, shows that occur daily, but many visitors miss out on them because they don’t know they exist.  With Kenny’s Show Schedule, you’ll be able to plan your days so you don’t miss out on anything you want to see!

At the top of his website you’ll see Links titled Character Schedules and Show Schedules (no longer found).  Use those links to find characters or shows at each park.  There’s even a list for telling which characters appear at Character Meals.

What I like to do is print 1 page of schedules for each park.  For example, on one side I’ll print the Character Schedule for Hollywood Studios, on the back of that sheet I’ll print the Show Schedule for Hollywood studios.  That way I’ve got each park’s Character & Show times on one sheet of paper that I can fold up and stick in my park bag!  I found it very handy to have and refer to throughout the day while we were touring each park.

The blog portion of Kenny’s site is also fun to read, as he’ll inform you of Character news such as when new Characters start appearing, Character relocation, or any Characters about to retire.

Go check out Kenny the Pirate and use his site to as a guide when making your touring plans.  He usually updates the schedules every Saturday.  I’ve noticed the show times don’t vary too much from week to week, so if you’re just a couple months out from your next trip, go ahead and tentatively plan on the times that are posted now.  Just be sure to print off the actual schedules on the Saturday prior to your next trip and tweak your touring plans if needed.  Happy Planning!


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