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Saturday 24 August 2019
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My favorite Autograph Book idea…

Update – June 2014: The latest edition of the Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters was just released on June 3, 2014! It is now hardcover, which could make the conversion process into an Autograph book a little more pricey. Pictured below is the 2010 edition, which can still be purchased in paperback…

I must say, the Disney Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters makes the best Autograph book ever! Every page is in color, it shows a picture of and gives a brief description for each character, and there’s plenty of space for the Disney Characters that you meet to sign their page!

I’ll admit, I got this idea off of the DisBoards, and it’s been fantastic using this as our Autograph book!  I bought the book from Amazon for about $16 (as of August 5, 2015 – the hardcover version is just $6.85!) I then took it to Staples where they tore off the binding, put on a spiral bind, laminated the front and back covers, and I had them slip in a few blank sheets of card stock for any extra characters we found that didn’t have a page (all done for less than $8).  Here’s how it turned out:

And just look at how a page looks after it’s been autographed!

Autograph books from Disney World cost $18+, and that’s for a book of plain blank pages (but it does come with a pretty cover). This “encyclopedia” is so much more fun – the Characters love looking at “themselves,” and will often provide extra fun interaction with it. The only ‘negative’ about this book is that it can get quite heavy carrying it around all day in the parks – but if you’re pushing a child in the stroller, toss it in the stroller bag!

Hint: You can also make your own autograph book if you want to do things cheaply. Any sized book, large or small, with blank pages will do just fine. Slap on some Disney stickers and you’re good to go!  Characters will sign just about anything – picture frames, pillow cases, t-shirts and more. So if you’re into collecting Character autographs, get creative!!

Extra Fun: Buy these Sharpie Retractable markers to make autographing a breeze for the Characters, and colorful for you!

By purchasing The Disney Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters through our affiliate links, the price does not change for you, but we do earn a few cents which helps keep this blog running and provide you with additional hints! Thanks!!

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  • Cute!

  • This is brilliant. I love it. I’m going to start looking for one right now! We haven’t done the “autograph” thing yet, but as my oldest is getting a little bigger, thought it might something fun to start that can carry on from one trip to the next. This seems like a great way to do it without buying the equivalent of a fancy notebook.

  • Love this idea but not sure I would want to carry a heavy book all day. I just made an autograph book for my niece. She like my 8×8 CM Mickey album I used for my autograph book but she’s not the most responsible so didn’t want to get her an expensive book that she might lose. I used chipboard for the front & back to give it some stability for writing & let her decorate it with Disney paper & embellishments. Used blank colored cardstock for the autograph pages & bound it all with my spiral binding system. Turned out great & she came back with it almost filled. Now we just need to add the pictures.

  • barb

    my kids made a journal of our trip, drew pictures and wrote a sentance or two. The characters that signed all commented on a drawing or their neat handwriting etc. my kids loved that interaction

  • Barbara Fraser

    Thanks! I have this book, and my kids loved it so much the binding already broke. I was going to recycle it. Time to rebind for a future trip!

  • It has risen in price!! Unreal. I hope a new version will be released soon, but so far it’s still just this one. There are other “Disney Character” books out there (none as comprehensive though) that you could use as an Autograph book using this same concept. I’ll be watching for a new version (or a less expensive replacement!)

  • Heather

    A newer version will be released June 2014. Just in time for me to use on our trip!

  • Thanks for the heads up, Heather!! I just looked it up on Amazon – currently $11.29… much better price! 😉 Enjoy your trip!

  • Diana

    With the 2014 edition, could you not just use it as is or are the pages too difficult to sign? Just wondering why you would want to convert it?

  • Hi Diana,
    You could certainly use it “as is.” The binding may make it awkward to hold open… but certainly not impossible for characters to sign. Converting it allows you to ‘fold it back’ and hand the character a ‘flat’ book – with no accidentals of it closing up on them. 🙂 ~Terri

  • courtney

    Has anyone found a place to get the hardcover rebound? Everywhere I call says they can’t do hardcover?

  • Jeanette

    We did this and the characters really loved it! They made a big deal over getting to see their picture, and made the interaction so much fun! And now, we have a neat keepsake versus a blank page with a signature. 🙂