November 7, 2012

Unique Character Photos

Here's a hint!  When you're at Walt Disney World taking photos with all of the characters, ask them if you can take a picture of them alone too.  You'll get some great shots of Mickey and the gang posing.  They love to show off their personalities and strike a pose.

Here are some of the character photos I got on my last trip.

The Amazing Donaldo - Donald, in Storybook Circus

Madame Daisy Fortuna in Storybook Circus

 The Great Goofini - Goofy in Storybook Circus

Minnie Magnifique, in Storybook Circus

 Ferb, with his next great plan!

 Mickey at his Main Street USA Meet and Greet

 Scarecrow Mickey, all dressed for Halloween

Minnie, ready for Halloween

I just love seeing personalities shine with these characters.  Have you ever gotten great shots of the characters at Walt Disney World?



  1. I love that Minnie Magnifique outfit! Cannot wait to see her next week!!!!